10 Filipino Kid-Oriented TV Shows That Defined Our Childhood

Bayani is one of the most popular TV shows during the 90's.

For kids of the 90’s, our childhood is a fantasy land that we always want to go back. It is carefree and offers simple things that would surely make us smile just thinking about it.

From traditional group names to street snacks and TV shows, there are a lot of things from our childhood that we surely miss. Even after several years, we still cannot forget how things drastically changed since then.

And speaking of TV shows, who can forget the shows Sineskwela and Bayani, right? We surely have many educational yet fun programs that entertained our minds during our younger years.

Nostalgic TV Shows

Here are 10 of the most nostalgic TV shows of the 90’s that we surely enjoyed as children.

Kaluskos Musmos

Kaluskos Musmos was a popular kid-oriented comedy show which marked the beginning of Diamond Star Maricel Soriano’s showbiz career. It was produced by Imee Marcos and directed by Johnny Manahan. The show is the progenitor of Ang TV, Batibot, and today’s Goin’ Bulilit.

Other notable casts were Maila Gumila, Herbert Bautista, Dranreb Belleza, and Gary Losing.

Kulit Bulilit

Aired in the early 80’s, Kulit Bulilit Is one the first shows that popularised the trend of edutainment or education plus entertainment.

The show was considered a children’s variety show that featured a quiz bee portion where elementary students from different schools engage in a battle of wits.


As the most popular and also the longest-running all-Filipino children’s TV show in the Philippines, Batibot originated from the old Tagalog word that means small but strong.

The show started with the English name Sesame! after the Children’s Television Workshop issued a license for a Filipino version of Sesame Street but was later changed to Batibot.

The show uses a variety of teaching methods that ranges to muppets to story-telling to animation and playing of original Filipino music. Batibot teaches children of the different values in life and the appreciation of our culture and heritage.


ATBP or Awit, Titik, at Bilang na Pambata spearheaded the young Piolo Pascual’s career where he started as Kuya Miguel.

The show became unforgettable for many reasons: their catchy songs that taught us how to count and read as well as their fascinating characters, Bb. Karunungan and Kapitan Bilang.

Ang TV

Kids of the 90’s would remember the show due to its popular catchphrase “4:30 na.. Ang TV na!”

The youth-oriented variety show was composed of kids and pre-teens. Some of their alumni became today’s hottest and most respected stars of this generation such as Camille Pratts, Sarah Geronimo, Angelica Panganiban, Paolo Contis, and Jolina Magdangal.


Sineskwela or School on Air is the epitome of edutainment shows. From its dramatization, animation, and even simple visual effects, it made many Filipino children realize that science is an exciting subject.

Sineskwela introduced kids to some of the most unforgettable science-inspired characters like Palikpik, Agatom, Anatom, Kulitsap, Kuya Bok, Ate Winnie, and Ugatpuno.

5 and Up

Who would forget the investigative program 5 and Up? The show was a brainchild of eight-year-old Zak Yuson who loved watching The Probe Team hosted by his aunt Che Che Lazaro. The pilot episode was hosted by Zak himself together with other kid reporters.

5 and Up became a tele-magazine program that features mini-documentaries produced and reported by young hosts. It racked up local and international awards and produced many popular TV personalities such as Atom Araullo, Maxene Magalona, Chyna Ortaleza, and Rayver Cruz.


Bayani sparked many kids’ interest in Philippine history and the icons who made our freedom possible.

Kids of the 90’s would always remember Noli and Ana who would travel back in time to meet heroes such as Melchora Aquino, Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, and Gregorio del Pilar to name a few.

Due to its simple dramatization, Bayani taught many young students the importance of nationalism and how the people from the past struggled to achieve the freedom we are enjoying today.

Hiraya Manawari

Hiraya Manawari or Sana ay Matupad is a fairy tale series of the Kapamilya network specially made for kids.

It took teaching moral values to children in a whole new level: from real-world scenarios to magical journeys. Each episode teaches kids different lessons such as courage, love, honesty, humility, respect, and other important values.

Math Tinik

Math Tinik is a TV show made to show that math is easy, fun, and interactive. This show used magical characters and animation that persuade children to study math. It also used enriching activities that audience can interact.

Math Tinik covered different topics from multiplication, addition, numeration, decimals, and fractions.


Which of these shows did you enjoy the most as a child?

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