23 Filipino Snacks That Children From the 90’s Will Never Forget

The 90’s decade is home of good music, good snacks, and unforgettable memories.
  • The 90’s is a fun year for children.
  • Since most of the children from the 90’s are now parents, we can surely still remember these foods we used to bring as our “baons.”
  • Unfortunately, most of them are no longer available.

The 90’s is truly an unforgettable decade so it is no surprise if you will feel nostalgia whenever something reminds you of the past.

A Decade to Remember

This decade is home for the best music. Who will forget about the boyband era, right? Westlife, A1, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, The Moffats. Everybody went gaga over the beautiful melodies created by these beautiful boys.

The 90’s is also home to the best foods that you surely enjoyed during your childhood. Can you still remember the snacks you enjoyed when you were still young? How about your excited face when you opened your lunch box?

Here are the 23 most famous and well-loved foods and merienda treats during the 90’s which may no longer be available today.


[Image Source: Alvin Guanizo/FilipiKnow]

Tivoli Ice Cream Bar

[Image Source: Filipiknow]

McRice Burger

[Image Source: Observ]

Nestle Non-Stop Ice Cream

[Image Source: Filipiknow]

Sunny Drink Concentrate

[Image Source: PinoyExchange]

Pompoms Cheese Snacks

[Image Source: Wandering Bakya]

Orange Swits

[Image Source: Spot PH]

Haw Flakes

[Image Source: Wikipedia]

Bazooka Bubble Gum

[Image Source: Gamesyouloved/Twitter]


[Image Source: Filipiniknow]

Jungle Juice

[Image Source: Buzzfeed]

Bubble Jug

[Image Source: Amazon]

Ouch Bubble Gum

[Image Source: Reddit]


[Image Source: Reddit]

Lumpiang Shanghai

[Image Source: Pinterest]

Captain Sid Butong Pakwan

[Image Source: Pinterest]


[Image Source: Imart Kiribati]


[Image Source: Filipiknow]


[Image Source: Amazon]

Wonder Boy

[Image Source: PinoyExchange]


[Image Source: Pinterest]

Hi-C Juice Drinks

[Image Source: Pinterest]


[Image Source: 8List PH]

Which ones are your favorite here? I love bringing Hi-C juice and Serg’s for lunch!


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