Amazing Facts About Metro Manila That You Should Know

Here are surprising and mind-blowing facts about Metro Manila that you should know!

Metro Manila is the key city of the Philippines. It is also the country’s center of economy and business.

Because of it, there are countless Pinoys living in Metro Manila. However, some of them might not really know the story and the truth behind the country’s capital city.

Here are some amazing facts about Metro Manila that you might not really know. These items might even surprise you!

Random Facts About Metro Manila

1. There is a Secret Tunnel

In January 2011, the people from Manila Water (MAYNILAD) Discovered a hidden passage while digging at a site in the EDSA-Guadalupe area. The tunnel has a length of 2.24 kilometers and width of 4 meters.

Some people believe that General Douglas MacArthur has ordered the construction of the said tunnel in 1042.

2. General Douglas MacArthur Became the General Manager of Manila Hotel

In 1935 to 1941, MacArthur, together with his wife Jean and son Arthur lived in Manila Hotel while serving the country as ordered by President Quezon.

MacArthur became the General Manager of the hotel due to his lavish lifestyle and spent most of the Manila Hotel’s allotted budget.

3. Same Length of the Three Pylons in Quezon Memorial Shrine with the Late President Quezon’s Age

The height of the Quezon Memorial Shrine’s pylons, reaching about 66 meters, symbolizes Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It also has the same age as the late President Manuel L. Quezon who died due to Tuberculosis.

4. Harrison Plaza and Other Establishments in Metro Manila Were Cemeteries Before

The big shopping mall near Manila Zoo, along with other establishments surrounding Metro Manila, were known to be cemeteries before they became commercialized.

5. The Tomas Claudio Boulevard in Malate is Named After the Only Filipino Who Died During World War I

Tomas Claudio, born on May 7, 1892, served the US Army. He is a Fil-Am soldier who died on June 29, 1918, making him the only Filipino to die during the First World War.

6. Felix R. Hidalgo Street Was Once the Most Beautiful Street in Manila

The Felix R. Hidalgo Street, which is now known as an electronics and camera street in Quiapo connects the San Sebastian Basilica and Basilica of Quiapo. It is also known as the most beautiful street in Manila back in 1817 due to the grandiose mansion surrounding the street.

7. This Might Surprise You: British People Governed Manila For Two Years

Back in 1756 to 1763, the British soldier conquered and governed Manila for almost two years.

8. The Manila City Hall Looks Like a Coffin From The Top View

Because of its shape, many Filipinos living in Metro Manila believe that the City Hall is one of the most haunted government establishments in the area.


What can you feel about these facts? Do you think we missed something?

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