Apple Confirms the Reports of iPhone 8 Plus Splitting Open While Charging

Two iPhone 8 users complained about their faulty units. [Image Credit: Magokoro0511/Twitter]
  • Two cases of faulty iPhone 8 Plus units were reported.
  • According to Apple, they are aware of the unit and is currently investigating.
  • The reports showed the units splitting into two after charging.

After the wave of delight and happiness that people felt after the release of the much awaited new iPhone series, there is now a new controversy which is common for highly coveted phones. Apple is said to be investigating two reported cases surrounding the new iPhone 8 Plus.

According to Gadgets 360, there were reports of the new iPhone 8 Plus splitting open because of swollen batteries. These reports came out just a few days after the new iPhone series went for sale on the market. The cases emerged in two countries: Taiwan and Japan.

The iPhone 8 Plus is one of the highly anticipated phones now. [Image Credit: iphonedigital/Flickr]

Confirmation of the Report

Apple already confirmed that the company is looking into the cases thoroughly. For now, the tech Gian is yet to provide updates regarding the issue. It is also still uncertain whether what causes the battery failure and why it caused the units to split into two.

According to the report of a Taiwan-based company, ifeng, last week, an iPhone 8 Plus cracked open while the unit was still charging, possibly because of its swollen batteries.

A lot of people opt for iPhones because of its functionality. [Image Credit: Pixabay]
ifeng also claims that the iPhone 8 Plus’ faulty battery and unit was reported by a woman named Wu who just renewed her phone contract and bought a 64GB Rose Gold iPhone 8 Plus. Just five days after receiving the unit, she noticed that the battery is swollen when she plugged it for charging. Furthermore, You stated that she noticed the front panel bulging out just three minutes after she started to plug it.

The faulty unit was already replaced and was sent to Apple for further checking and investigation.

Another Case in Japan

In another similar case, a Japanese iPhone 8 user noticed that the screen got detached from the unit, possibly because of faulty battery too. The owner, under the username Magokoro0511, shared the photos of the faulty unit via Twitter and received more than 15,000 retweets.

The faulty iPhone from a Japanese user. [Image Credit: Magokoro0511/Twitter
The faulty iPhone from a Japanese user. [Image Credit: Magokoro0511/Twitter]
The faulty iPhone from a Japanese user. [Image Credit: Magokoro0511/Twitter]
The two reported cases were already isolated and are currently waiting for updates regarding Apple’s investigation. For now, it is hard to come up with a conclusion, especially since it is the same with the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which was recalled last year due to the same incident.

What do you think? iPhones are highly coveted phones, and for sure, this will be investigated thoroughly.


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