Avengers: Infinity War Features the Philippines’ Very Own Banaue Rice Terraces

Avengers: Infinity War featured one of the Philippines’ tourist spots. [Image Credit: Indochina Productions / Facebook]

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the country was featured in the hit Hollywood blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War.” This is making many fans excited to see a part of the country in the famous film.

Most of the cinemas all over the country were mobbed by Marvel fans as the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic universe hit the theatres last April 25.

The film, directed by the Russo brothers, discloses the story of several superheroes, along with the Guardians of the Galaxy, fighting Thanos from collecting all the Infinity Stones.

[Image Credit: Marvel Studios]

Confirmed by the Makers of Avengers: Infinity War

In the latest report of CNN Philippines, Walt Disney Philippines revealed that the film earned more than P141.6 million on its opening day, breaking not only one but two records in the Philippine Box Office history: the highest grossing film during its premiere day and the biggest single-day gross box office.

The movie is already well-loved and highly anticipated by many Filipinos but there is another reason why the Avengers: Infinity War is a must watch.

There is a certain scene in the movie where it was filmed in the Philippines.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Did the Actor Shoot it in the Philippines?

According to the movie-making company Indochina Productions, who took part in the production of the film, they shot in the Philippines’ Banaue Rice Terraces.

ABS-CBN News also cited that the Philippines’ famous tourist spot can be seen towards the end of the movie when the villain Thanos walks out of a nipa hut in the ridged rice paddies. The scene came out from the comic series “Infinity Gauntlet” where the villain retreats to a farmland.

However, the actor who portrayed Thanos, Josh Brolin, revealed that he did not go to the Philippines to shoot the film. Instead, video footages were taken by Indochina Productions and visual effects were applied.

[Image Credit: Hannaford / flickr]
[Image Credit: Hannaford / flickr]
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Have you watched the Avengers: Infinity War too? Are you excited to see the next part?

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