Beware of This Dangerous and Gruesome Insect That Can Cause Serious Health Complication

The poor woman was infected by botfly, a gruesome insect. [Image Credit: Guy Sterne/Youtube]
The poor woman was infected by botfly, a gruesome insect. [Image Credit: Guy Sterne/Youtube]

Just recently, a video of a girl with a doctor, Guy Sterne, performing immediate attention to her went viral. Not only because her case is extraordinary — it is life-threatening and gross, too.

The woman, who remained unnamed, got the series case of botfly infection. As you can see in the video, the woman had five big botfly maggots in her left arm. The doctor carefully removed all of them. When asked, the woman does not have any idea how she got the infection.

[Image Credit: Guy Sterne/Youtube]

What Are They?

Botflies, unlike the common houseflies, are hairy and twice as big. They have a unique way of breeding that will surely send chills down the spine of any person.

They lay their eggs on a mosquito, which lands and bites a person. Once the egg is hatched, the larvae invade the skin of the unlucky person.

[Image Credit: Guy Sterne/Youtube]

Be Careful

Botflies love to seek out warm-blooded creatures, humans included. Although they don’t live long, having botflies in your body can be a serious problem. They mate and inject more eggs into the body. Once these eggs hatch, they will start to feed off the flesh until they mature and fly away. They leave holes in the body where the insects carve out a nest and lay more eggs.

It is important for these flies to be removed before it fully develops and exposes the victim to a longer health risk.

Even doctors may find it hard to get a botfly larvae out of your body. Two or more tweezers or similar tools may be needed to extract them from the flesh. Then, the affected area will be disinfected, packed, and motored until fully healed.

[Image Credit: Guy Sterne/Youtube]
[Image Credit: Guy Sterne/Youtube]

Although the reports are mostly from Central America, some experts say that botflies can also be collected from damp areas like mountains.

You may watch the whole video here:

If you feel that you are infected, always see the doctor immediately for a proper assessment and treatment.

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