BREAKING NEWS: Lee Min Ho and Suzy Break Up After 3 Years of Dating

Nothing lasts forever: Lee Min Ho and Suzy break up. [Image Credit: Kpidols/Youtube]

Maintaining a long relationship with someone is hard, especially if you are working in the entertainment industry. Korean artists and actors, in particular, have a lot of restrictions when it comes to relationships.

Unhappy Ending

One of the power couples not only in the Korean industry but all over the world is Suzy and Lee Minho.

Although there were a lot of speculations about them dating before, it was until March 2015 when they admitted that they are dating. After the confirmation, the two comfortably and lovingly talk about each other during interviews and variety program appearances.

[Image Credit: Soompi]
[Image Credit: Kpidols/Youtube]

However, it just proved that nothing lasts forever. According to the Ilgan Sports, an insider said that Lee Min Ho and Suzy have recently broken up. The reasons are personal, and they have remained good friends.

Suzy’s agency, JYP Entertainment, also confirmed that the two has already broken up.

It’s true that Suzy and Lee Min Ho recently broke up.

Nothing lasts forever: Lee Min Ho and Suzy break up. [Image Credit: Soompi]

Still Waiting for Suzy’s Interview

Lee Min Ho is currently serving the military as a public services officer while Suzy is the main lead of the Korean drama “While You Were Sleeping.”

For sure, a lot of people are very sad, especially their fans, for the ex-lovers were seen on a lot of dates overseas. Lee Min Ho even flew for several hours just to see Suzy while she was on a shoot in Europe.

[Image Credit: Amino Apps]
[Image Credit: Amino Apps]

The consolation here is that the two are still good friends.

Hopefully, both of them are very happy with their decision. Lee Min Ho and Suzy, fighting!


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