Broken Engagement: Relationship of Eight Years Ended After the Girl Had Another Boyfriend

For couples, no matter how long or how short they have been together, getting married is one of the highlights of their relationship. The day of marriage is considered as one of the milestones of any person’s life.

But not all marriage plans come into full terms. Some couples, even if they are already in a relationship for several years, decides to break up and scrape off any plans of getting married. Some of them even end up with a bitter ending.

This is what a couple in an eight-year relationship experienced.

Broken Promises

In an episode in Raffy Tulfo in Action, the boyfriend, Leovie, asked help from Raffy to patch things up with his former fiancé and get back the PHP75,000 savings he gave to the girl which was supposed to be for their wedding.

In a phone patch with Cherry Ann Diño’s mother, Susan Diño, she revealed that she is in favor of the marriage with Leovie. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Cherry Ann had another boyfriend while she was working in Laguna.

Face to Face

Without any faith in fixing the broken relationship and engagement, Leovie met his former fiancé in a Barangay Hall. During the conversation, Cherry Ann said that Leovie’s sister was threatening her to the point that she cannot go to work anymore.

Cherry Ann also revealed that the savings was not for their marriage. She mentioned that they did not have any plans of getting married and it was only Leovie who wants to get married to her.

Papakasal ka? Kanino? Kapal mo.

Hindi ako magpapakasal jan eh.

She was also insisting that she will pay the money she spent, but according to Leovie, she wants to pay PHP500 per month only.

She was also insisting that even if she already has a new boyfriend, Leovie also have a new girlfriend.

Although the story ended well for both parties, netizens were not very happy with what happened especially because of Cherry Ann’s attitude. She was also insisting that she doesn’t want to get married to Leovie.

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