Budget-Friendly Townhouse Plan With Two Bedrooms

Are you planning of building your very first home? Or maybe you want to invest on a real estate property, but other than limited budget, you also have a limited space.

If these are the problems you always ask yourself, then, this townhouse style house plan is ideal for you!

With a total floor area of 5 by 5 meters, this townhouse comes with two bedrooms, a dining area, a living room, a kitchen, and a common bathroom. Since it’s a two storey house, even with a limited floor area, the space doesn’t look cramped and small.

This townhouse also has a fire wall on one side. With a lot of windows surrounding the home, you are assured that there is proper ventilation and lighting inside the home.

The exterior is painted in green with white and gray accent colors. The roofing is also made of galvanized steel.

The ground or the first floor of this townhouse is composed of the receiving area. From the main door, the first area that you will see is the combined living room, dining area, and the kitchen. These areas are not separated with any walls to help maximize the space.

Even if the kitchen is relatively small, it still has everything that a fully-functional kitchen has: It comes with a full-sized sink, a space for a refrigerator and a stove, as well as over and under the sink cabinets.

There are also two bedrooms in this townhouse: A bigger bedroom on the first floor and a loop bed area on the half floor. Both areas are spacious enough for a full sized bed, built-in cabinets, study or dressing area, and entertainment walls. There’s also a common bathroom beside the kitchen and the bedroom for easy access.

Check out the floor plan of this townhouse here:



There’s a reason why these kinds of house plans are popular: They are budget-friendly and they can fit a small lot area.

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