Contemporary Style Bungalow With Four Bedrooms And Three Bathrooms

Why do a lot of people prefer a one story house like a duplex or bungalow? 

They are budget friendly, they are easier to maintain, and they are expandable — this means if you want to add more rooms to your home, you can do so as there’s no floor on the second floor that you need to renovate as well.

If you are looking for a one story house, this four bedroom bungalow house plan might be the perfect plan for you. This house has a total floor area of 18 by 18 square meters and with a budget of 38,000 to 40,000 USD.

This bungalow house plan is elegant yet simple and is carefully planned to fit the needs of a family, whether it is small or starting up. It has a parapet wall and a single slope roofing with plain finish wall painted with light colored brick accent walls which adds to the overall sophisticated vibe.

Upon entering the house, you will be greeted by the spacious living room. Just a few steps away from the living room is the dining area and kitchen. These areas are combined which helps maximize the space.

Here’s a Pro Tip: If you want to separate the recreational area from the kitchen, you can place a divider, a book shelf, a minibar or a banquet table. They are multipurpose and can store your kitchen and pantry staples.

There are also four bedrooms in this one story house. The first two bedrooms, which are both the Master’s Bedroom, are both located in front of the house. These rooms come with a built-in cabinet and ensuite toilet and bath.

The two smaller bedrooms are located across from the Master’s Bedroom. Although it has a more limited floor space, it can fit a full size bed, built-in cabinet, and a side table.

There are one more extra room in this house plan: The family hall. This area can also be used as a mini office.

Check out the floor plan of this bungalow here:

How do you feel about this bungalow house plan? Do you also feel that due to its size, it matches a two storey house?

Reference: Nhadep

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