Contemporary One Story House With Two Bedrooms

While there are people who like luxurious, multistory houses, there are also others who love the simplicity of a single story house.

These kinds of houses don’t break the bank. Plus, it is easier to maintain and only requires a smaller lot area.

If you are looking for a relatively smaller house, this house plan will surely fit your taste.

The single story house plan for today may look simple, but it has all the rooms that the family needs. From the outside, the first thing that you will notice is not only the elevated floor but also the clean yet modern looking paint finish that it has. It uses grayish blue paint complete with brick accent walls. It also has galvanized roof with a tile effect.

Since the house is covered with a ventilated ceiling, it guarantees to keep the house cool all day. There are also several glass windows surrounding the whole home, which allows natural light and ventilation.

With its 75 square meter floor space, it is considered as a good sized single story house. It comes with two bedrooms and two toilet and baths, which is ideal if you have a small family of 2 to 4 members. The flooring is finished with white tiles paired with light gray walls.

Since this house has an open house design concept, you have the freedom to decorate the interior of your future home. From the porch, you will be greeted by a hallway which can be used as a combined living room and dining hall.

The two bedrooms are of the same size. There are also two common bathrooms. The kitchen comes with an L-shaped counter covered with light gray tiles and with a shiny black granite top counter. Although it is not very big, the kitchen can fit a gas range, a large refrigerator, and several cabinets to store your pantry essentials.

This one story house is a beautiful house which is designed to suit any prospective buyer’s taste. It may not be a luxurious house to live in, but it gives off a homey vibe to it.

Check out the ready made rooms of this one story house here:

Do you like house plans like this or would you prefer a bigger, multistory property? Let us know so we can give you more designs!

Thank you to Babban for this house plan for today.


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