Did Michael Jackson rise from the dead?

You are not going to believe this. The death of Michael Jackson was fake! He is physically ALIVE!  Yes, he is ALIVE! He is alive in the person of his impersonator Sergio Cortés who looks exactly like him.  Cortés’ videos which he posted on his Instagram YESTERDAY had shocked the entire internet community.

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Thayland 23 Dec.?❤

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The video was his personal invitation to his fans in Pattaya, Thailand to attend his concert there on December 23.  The video shows Michael Jackson alive and talking! If you are a fan of Michael Jackson and is familiar with everything about him, you would see and hear a very slight difference in Cortés’ voice and looks.  He is the closest and most perfect look-alike of the King of Pop!

Michael Jackson’s looks, singing and performance on stage are being copied and everyone would die rehearsing his dance moves and moon walk.  He is one of the most immortalized figures in all history.  People impersonate him not only to make money but also to become famous or it is because of their love for him. And, Cortés is the closest look ever!

Sergio Cortés has been paid by his fans just to see him dance and perform like Michael Jackson did.  He is getting the attention of the social media and netizens and has gained massive following.  His photos and videos are getting famous and he gets many comments and shares.

Cortés’ exceptional resemblance to Michael Jackson has shocked people and has even scared some because his perfect Michael Jackson look would make people think is he real or is he Michael Jackson just trying to disguise?  It would be very difficult to spot the difference!

He has performed for years and the most amazing fact behind his impersonation is that he has not undergone any surgery just to look exactly like Michael Jackson. While most impersonators would dare undergoing such procedures to achieve resemblance, Cortés  was born with that natural look.

He admitted, however, that his semblance and his performance is a craft that he has mastered for years and every year he gets better.

In his recent video on Instagram that has gone viral, the Spanish performer shared the details of his upcoming concert in Thailand. While nobody can replace the legendary King of Pop, Cortés’ appearance and his performance is the closest  replica of Michael Jackson.

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