You Don’t Need to Cry: How To Deal With Break Ups

Dealing with break-up is hard and devastating. [Image Credit: Pexels]

Just like how the song goes: Breaking up is hard to do.

Breakups can blow your mind (and heart!). Whether it is an amicable break-up or a horrible one, you have already invested a part of you into the other person, and you must deal with the fact that the relationship you once took care of is now gone.

[Image Credit: Pexels]
However, you do not need to waste your time crying over spilled milk. Each and every one of us has experienced going through and dealing with a breakup. If others can do, you can too!

Here are some tips on how you can deal with break-ups.

Kill Your Ex in Your Mind

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Although it is suppressing and disappointing, having unwanted feelings is a natural impulse. Avoid emotions that will prevent you from moving on from your past. Emotions such as anger, loneliness, sadness, rejection, and uncertainty about your future should be forgotten.

Kill your ex in your mind. Stop thinking about the sadness or anger that you are feeling. Try and write out your thoughts in a journal, have a good cry (but be sure to stop after) or talk to a therapist to help you.

Purge Everything

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You cannot forget your ex if you still continue keeping them around you. Block them everywhere: In your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat. Remove their contact numbers in your smartphone, too.

On the day of the split, try and steer clear of social media first. You might miss your social media life but logging in might involve your “stalking” tendencies that might hurt you again in the process.

Try not to contact the other party. Refrain from making emotional posts that might embarrass you in the future, too.

Get Lost

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One of the best ways to heal emotionally is by finding yourself again. Get lost and go on a solo trip. Climb on top of the mountain and scream until your heart’s content. Go on a solo adventure and tour around your dream destination.

Nothing is greater than finding yourself again and knowing what the things that can help you become happier, without anyone but yourself to give it to you are.

Accept Everything

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Even if your past relationship has gone sour and did not end the way you want it to end, there must be a reason behind it. Who knows, you might find the perfect one while you are on a trip or that person is just seating right next to you.

Accept everything, including the hardships, the tears, and the sorrow of losing that special someone you learned to cherish and love. Remember, nothing is permanent. But changes can make you a better person.

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