Like A Dream House: Elevated Two-Bedroom One Story House

Like A Dream House: Elevated Two-Bedroom One Story House

What’s your dream house look like?

Are you looking for a multistory house with a lot of rooms or you’re looking for a more compact one story house?

If you are still thinking of what your dream house will look like, you’ll like our house plan for today.

This one story house features a very modern design. Some parts of the house is elevated from the ground, giving it a look as if it’s a two story home.

With a finishing color of earthy hues orange and light blue with wood accents around, the whole area exhibits a contemporary yet homey feel to it. There are also several glass windows surrounding the whole house, allowing natural light and ventilation inside.

What makes this one story house unique is the elevated bedroom area and the garage. If you don’t want to use the garage for your car, you can also turn it into a veranda or a lanai.

From the main entry door, you will be greeted by the spacious living room. Just a few steps from the reception area is the dining area and the kitchen. 

Unlike other house plans, the kitchen is separated from the other areas of the house. It also has an open-concept, with a door leading to the washing area at the back.

There are two bedrooms in this one story house: These bedrooms are on the elevated floor. The first common toilet and bath is located next to the first bedroom and the two other bedrooms have their own ensuite toilet and bath.

Another unique feature of this house: You can use the empty space between the two bedrooms as a mini office or a study area. You can also turn it into a family hall.

Check out the floor plan of this one story house here:

What’s your dream house like?

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  1. Hi do you have the house plans for the two bedroom elevated house the orange and blue one and how much would it be Thank you

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