Elegant And Modern House Design With Three Bedrooms

This simple, elegant and modern house design has three bedrooms and two toilet and baths. This one storey house has an open floor plan concept, which means you can change or convert the other parts of this room.

This modern house is designed with an elevated floor from the garage floor level, which is very efficient when it comes to natural disasters, especially flooding. This is very efficient due to the nature of the arrangement of the rooms and the other elements of the house.

The simple yet contemporary layout of this modern house is irresistible not to look at, with the perspective and details features that it has. The overall design is elegant with brick accent walls and minimalist color finish.

The roof of this modern house design is covered with a long span, galvanized iron roofing with a tile effect. The other areas of the house, including spacious two-car garage, is covered with a roof.

From the porch of the house to the entryway, the first area you will see is the spacious living room. Across from the living room are the combined dining area and open kitchen, making it look more spacious and with maximized space.

The large open kitchen has an l-shaped design and features a mini bar. It also has an access to the service area outside, which serves as the dirty kitchen.

The Master’s Bedroom has a big floor area. It comes with an en-suite bathroom too.

The two smaller bedrooms, both with the area of 3.5m by 3.65m and are located near the Master’s Bedroom. Both rooms have built-in cabinets and are surrounded by big windows for ventilation and lighting. The two common toilet and bath is located in between the two bedrooms and near the the living room area for easy access. If you want a bigger bedroom, you can also convert one of these bathrooms into a floor space for the bedroom.

Check out the floor plan here:

A modern house is really appealing to the eye, right?



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