Elevated Contemporary Style Two-Bedroom Bungalow

For those who want to build a bungalow house but would want it to look higher and more sophisticated than a traditional bungalow, they would prefer for an elevated single floor design, like this house plan for today.

The front elevation in this bungalow design is becoming more and more popular as it gives a look of uniqueness to the house. Most front elevation are perfected by banisters and staircases. These banisters enhance the appearance of the facade of the house.

The staircase of this elevated bungalow house design serves a double purpose. First, it serves as the entry point to the main house. Second, it serves as an aesthetic function as it adds attraction to the overall exterior.

The back of the house shows the back veranda. The elevated portion of the house can be used as a car park or you could also transform it into a basement, another room or a family hall.

As soon as you enter the main entrance, you will be greeted by the spacious living room. A few steps away from the living room is the dining hall. These two areas can be separated from the recreational area with a multifunctional mini bar.

The kitchen is big enough for a family of 5. It features an l-shape design and has several under the counter cabinets to store your other kitchen items. There’s also a door which will lead you to the service area at the back.

This bungalow design comes with two bedrooms of the same size. The first bedroom, located at the front of the house, can be used as a Master’s Bedroom. Not only does it have access at the veranda, it also comes with an ensuite toilet and bath.

Check out the floor plan of this bungalow here:

Overall, this house features the following rooms:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Dining hall
  • Living room
  • Common Bathroom
  • 2-car garage

You will never go wrong with a bungalow house because it offers a lot of space for the family. You don’t need to go up the stairs to reach the other parts because they are just located in a compact single floor.

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Thanks to Youtube for this house design!

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