Ellen Adarna Surprises Everyone After Introducing Her New Babies

Ellen Adarna's babies
Ellen Adarna introduces her new babies. [Image Credit: Ellen Adarna / Instagram]

The controversial actress Ellen Adarna introduced her two new babies: Felicia Marie Cruz and John Ruffus Cruz.

The most sought-after celebrity couple John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna have remained silent even in the middle of the issues and rumors that are surrounding their relationship. People are speculating whether the relationship is real or not. But if there is something visible that they are sharing with people on social media, it’s that they are happy with each other’s company.

Ellen Adarna
[Image Credit: Ellen Adarna / Instagram]

Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz Spotted Together

Last September 2017, the two celebrities were rumored to be a couple. After John Lloyd was said to have an indefinite leave of absence, the two were spotted together several times on trips inside and outside the country.

John Lloyd also met and bonded with Ellen’s family when they got back from their month-long stint in Europe. They were also spotted taking a vacation with the actress’ family in Japan. The award-winning actor is also included in the family picture of the actress.

Ellen and John Lloyd
[Image Credit: Ellen Adarna / Instagram]
Ellen and JL
[Image Credit: Ellen Adarna / Instagram]

Is She Pregnant?

The actress was also speculated to be pregnant with John Lloyd’s child. There have been many photos of her showing the apparent growth of her tummy, the reason why the rumors surrounding her pregnant strengthened.

After several months, rumors that Ellen is pregnant started to circulate. There were also wedding speculations. However, the two celebrities neither denied nor confirmed the speculations surrounding their relationship.

The confirmation became stronger especially when Beauty queen Sofia Romero posted a status in Instagram congratulating the actress.

What was recently posted on Ellen’s Instagram account are two puppies she is calling her “babies.” The two dogs were named after the actor. They were named Felicia Marie Cruz and John Ruffus Cruz.


Whatever the situation is, we are happy that they are happy. They both deserve the best of the world, right?

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