Family in Bulacan Shot: Father Dead and 5 Years Old Daughter in Critical Condition

The Enriquez Family needs help for Lyanna Enriquez’ medical expenses. [Image Credit: GoFundMe]
  • While on their way home, the father and daughter were shot.
  • The father was dead on arrival while the daughter is still fighting for her life.
  • A GoFundMe campaign was set-up to help the family financially.

A family in Bulacan is pleading for help.

The Enriquez family received the most tragic news of their lives. Just last Sunday, November 12, 2017, when the father named Jose (31 years old) and his daughter, Lyanna (5 years old) were on their way home, they were shot by an assailant.

[Image Credit: Pixabay]

Seeking Help

Unfortunately, the father was not able to make it and was proclaimed dead by the hospital. The daughter, Lyanna, is currently in critical condition right now.

[Image Credit: GoFundMe]

The little girl has already undergone emergency operations to get the bone fragments left in her brain and to remove the blood clots from the gunshot wound she received. She is currently in the Intensive Care Unit for further observation.

The hospital is currently asking for an initial payment of $4,000. Since the family is also financially not well, they are now asking help from people. A Go Fund Me campaign was set-up by Lyanna’s aunt to help them with their financial problem.

[Image Credit: GoFundMe]
[Image Credit: GoFundMe]
[Image Credit: GoFundMe]

Help from Freelancers in the Philippines

Lyanna’s mother, Lilibelle, is a freelancer who works for different clients abroad.

Currently, the group Online Filipino Freelancers is also asking help from the hearts of other online workers to at least lend a hand in Lyanna’s medical condition.

[Image Credit: Online Filipino Freelancers/Facebook]

We are very sad to hear about the news. Hopefully, Lyanna will be able to survive with God’s help.

If you can help the family financially, please visit the GoFundMe account here.


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