Five Siblings from Vigan Lived in a Pigpen After Their Parents Abandoned Them

The siblings were forced to live in a pigpen after their parents abandoned them. [Image Credit: Jun Ramos/Facebook]

Children are entitled to sleep, play, eat, and study. Some of the parents’ obligations when it comes to their children is to make sure that they have food to eat, place to sleep, and go to school every day.

However, not the same thing happened to the Del Rosario siblings from Vigan. The siblings of 5 were abandoned by their heartless parents two years ago and were living in a pigpen owned by their uncle.

The sad and devastating story of the siblings went viral. GMA’s Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho took over the story to further investigate what happened and to seek financial assistance for the siblings, too.

Not Giving Up

In a Facebook post by anchorman Jun Ramos of DWRS Vigan City, it was revealed that the siblings were abandoned by their father first. After being imprisoned for homicide, the father decided to live somewhere far to stay away from the families of the victim. A few months after, the mother decided to live with her text mate and abandoned her children. The siblings had to live with their maternal grandmother.

However, living with their grandmother did not turn out good for the siblings, too. The eldest, Jhon Mark, claimed that their grandmother hated and accused them of getting food from her. The two elder siblings decided to run away from home, but soon enough, the three younger ones decided to run away and find their brothers.

Image Credit: Jun Ramos/Facebook
Image Credit: KMJS/Facebook
Image Credit: KMJS/Facebook

Their Situation

They asked the help from their relatives, and one of their uncles could provide them a small hut to live in. However, the hut was destroyed after a storm, and they were forced to live in the space at the pig pen. The two elder brothers worked as construction workers to send the younger ones to school.

The Del Rosario siblings admitted that it is difficult to live in a pigpen, but they were already accustomed to the noise and smell of the pigs. According to Jhon Mark, his only wish is for his siblings to have a better life.

Image Credit: KMJS/Facebook
Image Credit: KMJS/Facebook
Image Credit: KMJS/Facebook
Image Credit: KMJS/Facebook

You may watch the video here:

After the Facebook post, a lot of people donated money and food to help the siblings. The City Government of Vigan also donated materials for them to build a small home.

Donations may be coursed through the DWRS Vigan City station, or you may also send it directly to the eldest sibling’s bank account.

Maybank Account
Account Number: 10170126094


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