Former Professor in UP and Ateneo Roams the Streets and Begs for Food

The beggar who speaks in fluent English was a former professor. [Image Credit: Faye Ares/Facebook]

Meeting beggars on the street, especially if you are living in Metro Manila is normal. A lot of children, elderlies, and those who have physical disabilities roam the streets asking for help.

Some of these beggars are asking for money to buy food and medicines while others are contented in asking for food. Some of the beggars have different styles of asking for help. Some of them bring medical certificates as proofs that they are sick and needy while there are others who bring their kids or sick parents when seeking for financial assistance.

Although some of them are real and true, others are being used by syndicates to earn money. This is the reason why some people opt not to help them.

[Image Credit: Faye Ares/Facebook]

The Beggar

However, a netizen named Faye shared a unique beggar she met when she was about to eat.

The beggar asked her: “Miss, I’m sorry but I have to tell you something. Please don’t get mad. And Sorry to bother you but I’m not gonna ask for money, I’ll be asking for food to eat ‘coz I’m hungry.”

Faye led the man to Jollibee to buy something to eat. Although the old man was surprised, he was very thankful that someone chooses to help him. When they went inside the fast-food chain, Faye asked the old man to look for available seats while she orders the food.

[Image Credit: Faye Ares/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Faye Ares/Facebook]
His Story

They were conversing while they were eating. Based on his story, Faye discovered that the old man’s name is Jansen Locsin, a 70-year-old former professor from UP and Ateneo. He graduated from the prestigious Ateneo de Manila University.

Jansen doesn’t have his own family. He has two sisters who already left when their father died. He lived in Cebu before for a business that didn’t go well, causing him to be bankrupt.

[Image Credit: Faye Ares/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Faye Ares/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Faye Ares/Facebook]

After finishing their meals and talking about their lives, Faye gave Jansen a bottle of water and money which he initially refused. Faye insisted for him to keep the water and money so he can buy something to eat once he gets hungry again. Before she left, Faye also asked for his contact number.

You may also read the whole story here:

Let us share this story so it could reach Jansen’s family in Bacolod. According to Faye, the old man could be found living near SM.


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