Former Street Kid and Sampaguita Vendor Graduates From College

[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News]
[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News]

One of the biggest milestones in the life of a student and their parents is to receive their college diplomas. After several years of working and studying hard, seeing your child wearing his or her toga while marching in the middle of the stage can take all your hardship and sacrifices away. But this inspiring story of a former street kid and Sampaguita vendor will surely touch your heart.

Life is Never Easy

Life is never easy for 21-year-old newly graduate Khay Ann Igle. Khay Ann grew up in the grounds of the Manila North Cemetery. However, she was able to manage and overcome all the challenges of life and graduate from a university.

At the age of three, she was already a beggar in the streets of Manila. She was asking for spare change from people so that she and the whole family can eat. She also started being a Sampaguita vendor when she was still five years old so she could be able to go to school.

[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News]
[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News]

What Changed Her Life?

The charitable institution Childhood Asia Philippines gave her the chance to change her life. They helped her go to school when she was nine years old by providing her with financial assistance. However, even if she was already getting financial aid, she still continued selling Sampaguita on the street to help ends meet for the family.

To help other kids who are sharing the same situation as her, she later joined Junior Health Worker program offered by the same charitable institution in her high school years. She educated street children about proper hygiene.

Donors Paid For Her Tuition Fees

This program helped her be chosen as one of the scholars of Childhope’s Educational Assistance Program where donors paid for her college tuition fees.

While studying at the Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, she continued selling Sampaguita. She recently graduated with a degree in Tourism.

Huwag kung susuko kahit na mahirap. Mag tiwala ka sa Diyos na walang imposible. Mangarap ka ng mataas at pagsikapan mong makamit ito. Magpursigi ka hanggang makaraos.

[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News]
[Image Credit: ABS-CBN News]
For students and other people who are struggling in life, never lose hope. Do not give up despite the hardships like Khay Ann. Persevere until you succeed.

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