Franco Hernandez’ Girlfriend, Janica Nam Floresca, Revealed the Loopholes in Earlier Reports Regarding Franco’s Death

Nam revealed the loopholes of the interviews regarding Franco Hernandez’ death. [Image Credit:]

For the first time after the burial of Franco Hernandez, Janica Nam Floresca spilled all the details about her boyfriend’s drowning incident last November 11.

Nam’s Side of the Story

Speaking of PEP, Janica wanted to rectify the story told by the two boatmen who were with them during the incident. The two boatmen, known as Rico Igalan and Efren Kilang, were interviewed by ABS-CBN’s morning news show Umagang Kay Ganda last November 13.

Nam also pointed out that Tom Doromal’s statement during the interview with Rated K has discrepancies, too. According to her, Franco was not rushed to the hospital immediately after being rescued and was brought to the resort owned by Tom.

[Image Credit:]
[Image Credit:]
She also refused the statements of the boatmen that they were reminded to use life jackets when they boarded the motorized Banca. Nam pointed out that she and Franco cannot swim that is why are asking for life jackets.

Yung sa Rated K, yung sinabi niya [Tom] na ni-rush daw sa ospital, yun ang gusto ko i-correct.

Kasi hindi naman talaga ni-rush. And ako lang yung nag-rush. Ako lang yung sumama. Sumunod lang sila.

Tapos, dun sa mga bangkero na—hindi ko alam kung bakit nila nasabi yun—na meron daw life vest. Ayaw daw namin suotin.

Sila yung nagpatalon sa amin. Wala silang life vest.

Tsaka hindi kami dapat aalis dun hangga’t hindi namin sinusuot yung life vest, di ba? Dapat ganun.

Or kahit meron man lang sa banca na life vest na iniwan—as in, wala talaga.

Tom’s Invitation

Franco was invited by co-member Tom for a vacation in Davao from November 9 to 13 since they do not have work for six days. They stayed in the house of Tom’s father in Malita, Davao Occidental last November 9 before they decided to go to the resort the following day.

They were supposed to go to the falls on the day of the incident. They were together with Tom, Tom’s girlfriend, and Tom’s cousin named Cleo. According to Nam, Tom knew the boatmen since they lived in the place where the private report is located.

Ta’s nung gabi na, medyo ano ako nun e, sabi ko, ‘Punta na lang tayo ng city. Kasi dun na lang tayo sa relatives mo sa Davao City.’

Kasi parang medyo ano rin ako nun, e. Hindi ko alam, pero may napi-feel ako na something o natatakot ako, na parang may multo, ganun.

Ta’s hindi ako kumportable talaga sa place. Kaya inaaya ko siya umuwi.

Nahihiya raw kasi siya kay Tom, na ganun. Tapos sabi ko, ‘Sige.’

Based on the report of Umagang Kay Ganda, the boatmen said they did not instruct the group to leave the boat, jump into the water, and swim to the nearest shore. When they were going back to the resort, big waves hit the boat, and the boatmen instructed them to jump since the boat is going to sink.

Nung papunta ang lakas ng alon, e, pero kaya pa. Ta’s nung pabalik, as in sobrang malakas na siya. Yung tuluy-tuloy, para kaming nasa surf board na aahon kami tapos biglang bababa.

As in, talaga yung alon, nakikita talaga namin sa gilid na parang pataas-pababa

Last baba namin, may malaking alon, dun kami napasukan ng tubig.

Tapos sabi ng bangkero, ‘Baba lahat, baba!’ Bumaba sila.

Ako, natira ako. Tapos, parang sabi, okey lang naman daw kasi payat naman daw.

Tapos bumaba din yung girlfriend ni Tom, pero pinaakyat din niya, kasi takot din, hindi rin marunong maglangoy yun.

Tapos parang tinatabo nila yung tubig sa banca, nagpa-panic na rin pati yung mga bangkero, e.

At first, they were holding on the boatmen when a big wave hit them, and they were both left in the middle of the water. Nam also said she did not see Tom and his girlfriend.

They were not able to hold on the banca since the boatmen instructed them to leave the boat and swim to the nearest shore. They were struggling for 30 minutes, and it was hard for Nam to see where Franco is because of the water.

Dun na nag-start yung struggle namin, kasi nung may alon, naghiwalay-hiwalay na kami.

Yung bangkero, hindi ko na makita. So, wala na akong kakapitan.

E, hindi kami marunong lumangoy. Papa’no kami?

So, parang ang naisip ko nun, ‘Okey, iniwan na kami dito. Wala na. Parang wala nang liligtas sa amin. Wala nang babalik.’

Kasi wala na talaga akong makitang mga tao, e.


They were rescued after 30 minutes by one of the boatmen. They hold on to the boatman as they swim back to the island. During this time, she already noticed Franco struggling because of her weight.

Sabi ko, ‘Paanong tatawag ng rescue kung patay na kami? Dadating yung rescue, patay na kami, di ba?

Dapat, sana man lang, kinuha kami, dinala na muna kami bago sila tumawag ng rescue.

Kaso wala, iniwan nila talaga kami, nalulunod na kami.

Tapos nun, parang ako, nung time na yun, sabi ko, ‘Wala na ‘to, wala na ‘to. Di ko na kaya.’

Kasi nakakainom na kami ng tubig, e. Pag lulubog kami, tapos pag aahon kami, may alon na naman. Ta’s tuluy-tuloy yung alon.

Tapos wala na talaga. Tuluy-tuloy yung alon, nagsusuka na kami…

Tinatanggap ko na lang na, ‘Okey, magkasama na kami ni Mico sa kabilang buhay.’

Nagpa-flashback na yung memories, nakapikit na lang ako. Parang merong konti, ta’s liwanag na lang nakikita ko.

[Image Credit: Janica Nam/Twitter]
[Image Credit: Janica Nam/Twitter]

Boatmen’s Statements

During the interview with Umagang Kay Ganda last November 13, the two boatmen said they were heading back to the resort when big waves hit the banca, causing it to be filled with water.

They rescued the person who was not able to hold on the banca and brought him first. When they went back, they saw Franco and his girlfriend drowning.

When they brought them back to the shore, Franco remained unconscious.

One of the boatmen, Efren, also mentioned that they reminded them to wear life vests. However, Nam stood firm that they did not have any life vests.


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