Girlfriend of Hashtag Franco Hernandez Reveals She Tried to Save Him During the Accident

Couple Janica Nam and Franco Hernandez were with friend when huge waves hit the boat. [Image Credit: janicanam/Instagram]
  • Jessica Nam, the girlfriend of Franco Hernandez, shared stories and videos about them.
  • She also revealed that she tried to save Franco during the accident.
  • She pleaded for people to stop posting photos of his casket.

Until now, the girlfriend of Franco Hernandez, Janica Nam, still cannot accept his death. Last Saturday, November 11, Hashtag Franco died of drowning in a resort in Davao Occidental. He was 26 years old.

[Image Credit: thisisjanicanam/Twitter]
[Image Credit: janicanam/Instagram]
According to a Twitter post of Jessica last Sunday, November 12, she shared how she tried to save Franco when they both fell from the boat.

Janica and Franco were with their friends when huge waves hit the boat.

The Plea

In Janica’s other message, she asked people who posted Franco’ casket to stop posting the pictures.

[Image Credit: janicanam/Instagram]

Last Videos

She also shared their last video together, just a few minutes before the dreaded incident.

[Image Credit: janicanam/Instagram]
Yesterday, November 13, Janica also shared another video when she said “yes” to Franco’s proposal to be his girlfriend.

In the said video that she shared via Twitter, everyone can see how happy Franco was when Janica finally said yes and how much he loves his girlfriend.

[Image Credit: janicanam/Instagram]
The couple looked very happy, together, right? Losing someone is really saddening. If you are her friend, what will you do to console her?


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