Gone Too Soon: Hashtag Member Franco Hernandez Dies from Drowning

The young star was confirmed dead on arrival due to drowning. [Image Credit: Cornerstone Entertainment/Instagram]
  • Hashtag member Franco Hernandez died in a tragic accident on Saturday, November 11.
  • His death was rule out as drowning by the police.
  • Hashtags just celebrated their anniversary today.

One of the members of the hit noontime show “It’s Showtime’s” boy group, Hashtags, Franco Hernandez, passed away in a tragic accident yesterday, November 11. The death of the young star, who is known for his funny antics and great dancing moves, was confirmed by the police and his talent agency, Cornerstone Entertainment.

[Image Credit: Hashtag_Franco/Instagram]

His Death

According to the police, Hashtag Franco was on a motorized banca on the way to the coast of North Lamidan, Don Marcelino with his girlfriend, co-member Tom Doromal, and two other people when big waves hit the boat causing him and his girlfriend to fall aboard.

[Image Credit: Hashtag_Franco/Instagram]
Although both of them were saved by the boat driver and the crew, he was already unconscious when rescued. He was rushed immediately to the neighboring hospital, Estacion Medical Clinic but was already declared dead on arrival by the hospital’s attending physician, Dr. Nimayre Macabaya. The young star just turned 21 this year.

Sadness and Grief

Just this afternoon, the Hashtags also celebrated their second anniversary on the noontime show.

[Image Credit: Showbiz Controversy/Youtube]
Due to his sudden passing, a lot of his close friends, Hashtag members, and other people from showbiz took to social media to express their sadness and grief.

Life is short. You will never know when and how you will die. So take chances, live life, and always be happy.


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