Genius Idea: These Two Men Built a Homemade Pool From Scratch!

homemade pool
Two men wowed the internet after making their own homemade pool from scratch.

This homemade pool will surely make you feel refreshed even by just watching!

Because of global warming, the weather all over the world is consistently changing. During winter, the coldness is intolerable while during summer, the heat of the sun is not as tolerable as it was before. In fact, staying under the scorching heat for several hours may result in heat stroke and other diseases.

Due to the heat, a lot of people are finding ways to keep themselves colder and feel well-ventilated. While there are other people who use electric fans, coolers or air-conditioned units, there are others who have a different innovative idea — that is to build a homemade pool!

Recently, a Youtube video is making rounds online. The stars of this video, who are two young men, are surprising and wowing a lot of netizens.

Building a Homemade Pool

The video starts with the men scurrying outside a small underground house. They start digging a hole that is shaped like a rectangle inside and outside the underground house.

To have a solid foundation, the men use mud that serves as improvised cement for the homemade pool. This cement was mixed with sand and dried with heat from the fire.

The men also built a bridge to connect the underground house to the area outside. To complete the look, grass was also put around the underground house.

Just by looking at the homemade pool built by the innovative men will make you feel more refreshed.

With their intelligence and creativity, the two men created a swimming pool that they can enjoy anytime they want too!

See the genius homemade pool idea here:

What can you say about this innovative pool?

Isn’t it a really genius idea? Do you think making a homemade pool in your yard is the answer to the scorching heat?

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