Kid vendor head-carries a pile of 3 boxes while biking

Carrying loads on the head is common among many people especially those who are in the rural areas. They do this as an alternative of carrying their loads on their back.  Many women do this as an efficient practice in place when there are no vehicles to carry their loads like the rural women in the Philippines, India, China, and South Africa.

It is not easy to carry loads on the head though especially if you are also carrying other stuffs.  You need to have a good balance to be able to carry something on your head without holding it so you can also carry other thins with your hands.

But a kid vendor in Paranaque City did an exceptional head-carrying by carrying three boxes without holding the and while riding a bike! Carrying one box on your head while riding a your bike is not even easy, how much more with a pile of three boxes? Wow! Isn’t that awesome???

The post was originally shared by a Facebook user Bruce Dolores who shared the video and photos of the boy who was head-carrying the three boxes like it was just nothing. The boy showed he has some balancing skill to be able to do that.

Dolores wrote on his Facebook account, “Share ko lang to mga paps, Sobrang nabilib ako dito. Kaya kinunan ko ng video – kaya niya nga i balance yong kakanin at yakult niya, Relasyon niyo pa kaya? swabe! Hahaha Galing!”

He asked the netizens to share the post so that the boy may be identified and people who are interested to help him may reach him to give their donations. “Pashare nalang po ng share, Para matulungan yong Bata Salamat. God bless,” Dolores posted on his FB.

The boy is a street vendor.  His load showed what he was selling: foods such as kakanin and Yakult.  The comments on Dolores posts showed that netizens admired the boy for he knows how to work hard for his living and to help his family. He was admired for being madiskarte sa buhay even at young age.

Dolores missed to get the boy’s name but a netizen who knows the boy commented that the his name is Mark and that he lives near Kassel Residences Moonwalk.

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