Kind Grab Driver Killed By Carnappers Who Disguised Themselves as Passengers

Kind Grab driver was killed by thieves last Thursday night. [Image Credit: FinancePH Financial Advisors/Facebook]
  • Kind Grab driver who recently went viral because of helping a sick passenger was killed last Thursday.

  • The suspects posed as passengers and booked a ride using the app.

  • People are now calling out Grab and Uber to let the passengers upload their IDs first for safety purposes.

Can you still remember the kind Grab driver who went viral after giving a courtesy ride to a sick passenger?

Who is This Model Driver?

Gerardo Amolato Maquidato Jr. was awarded by Grab Philippines as a commendation for not charging a passenger who was on her way to pick up bags of blood for her dialysis. Although the diabetes patient, Prima Ornum, passed away, her relatives, along with the people of the Philippines, were thankful of Maquidato’s outstanding services.

Unfortunately, last Thursday, October 26, Maquidato was shot and killed by unidentified suspects who pretended to be regular passengers and book a ride using the Grab app.

Unfortunate Incident

According to the initial police report, a witness stated that he heard gunshots around 7:50 PM and saw the lifeless body of the Grab driver being pushed out of his silver Toyota Innova along the Bonanza Street in Pasay City.

According to Grab Philippines, they already provided the details of the passenger as stored in their app to the Philippine National Police.

Grab provided and will provide any information PNP requires ensuring that justice will be served.

According to the transportation group, there were also 6 cases of catnapping incidents that happened to their partner drivers. The suspects, similar to what happened to Maquidato, also posed as passengers before doing the act.

Our prayers and sympathies go out to Mr. Maquidato’s family. He was a good father to his 4 children, a good friend to many of his fellow drivers, and a good driver who was always willing to outserve his passengers. He will be missed. Meanwhile, Grab has taken steps (toward) working on a tech solution that would decrease, if not completely hamper, the chances of carnapping incidents involving Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) – that have apparently been the latest target of lawless elements.

The sister of the sick passenger who Maquidato helped is now seeking justice for the kind driver. She added that the driver did not entertain the media that much when they offered to interview him and feature his story.

Ayaw daw niya lumabas sa TV. May ilan na through text and phone call lang pumapayag siya.

Netizens are now starting the hashtag #JusticeForGerardo via Social Media.

Is There a Way to Stop It?

Because of the continuous incidents of carnapping, Netizens are now saying that Grab and Uber should impose a strict uploading of IDs in their systems and show them to the driver before riding the vehicle. This is for the safety not only for the passengers but also for the drivers, too.

What do you think? Will this work? Let us know in the comment section below.Can you still remember the kind Grab driver who went viral after giving a courtesy ride to a sick passenger?


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