Luxurious and Modern Two Story House With Four Bedrooms

Why do a lot of people choose a two story house as their dream home?

Is it because of the luxury that it brings? Maybe.

If you’ll ask many people, the first reason that they will say that’s why they’re choosing a multistory house is because of the space that it offers. Since the floor space is bigger, you can add more rooms, even those that cannot be found in other normal houses.

This two story house will surely be in your dream house list!

This luxurious and modern villa-style two story house is a dream come true for house owners: It comes with a living room, four bedrooms, a dining room and kitchen, and three toilet and baths.

The most distinct feature of this house is not only how extravagant it looks: It also has a garden on the second floor. It also uses galvanized roofing with tile effect which adds to the sophistication of the house.

The first floor is where the receiving area is. Upon entering the house, the first thing that you will see is the living room area. It also has a worship room on the left, which can be converted as a movie room, a mini office, or a guest room.

Just a few steps from the living room is the combined dining hall and kitchen. The kitchen has an L-shape counter which can fit a large refrigerator, a gas range, and cabinets to store your perishable goods and kitchen utensils.

The first two bedrooms is also in the first floor. There’s a common bathroom right beside the staircase for easy access.

PRO TIP: Don’t know what to do with the extra space below the staircase? Turn it into a storage room!

All the other bedrooms are in the second floor. It is separated from other areas, allowing the occupants to enjoy a good night’s rest after a busy day.

These two rooms come with an ensuite toilet and bath. The Master’s Bedroom also provides access to the mini garden as well as the terrace

Check out how luxurious this two story house is here:

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Thank you to Nhadep274 for this house plan.

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