Man Adopted a Canadian Goose Named Kyle the Goose And Now They’re the Best of Friends

Kyle the Goose and Mike are inseparable. [Image Credit: KyleTheGoose / Instagram]

Animals can easily understand what we feel: when we are angry, dogs try to ease our feelings. When we are feeling stressed or burned out, your pet cat will surely go near you, rest on your lap, and try to help you forget all your worries and stress. But would you believe that animals can also fall heads over heels in love with you? Apparently, it’s true! This story of Kyle the Goose will surely make you laugh, amaze, and eventually feel envious!

A certain goose in Oregon knows that there is no telling where you will meet your soulmate or the love of your life.

Yes, you heard it right! It’s a goose.

[Image Credit: KyleTheGoose / Instagram]
[Image Credit: KyleTheGoose / Instagram]

Meet Kyle the Goose

The goose, whom people are calling Kyle, is quite a famous one. Her Instagram account has more than 89,000 followers. She is making everyone smile at @KyleTheGoose with her beautiful slow-motion shots and of course, landing on the arm of her buddy (and boyfriend) Mike Jivanjee.

Mike rescued Kyle the goose when he saw the then-days old goose abandoned, drowning, and almost died. After taking care of her, two years later, they are now inseparable.

When Mike found the gosling, he planned to just raise her until she’s strong enough to be released and go by on her own. But now, Kyle imprinted on Mike. She never lets him go out of her site.

[Image Credit: KyleTheGoose / Instagram]
[Image Credit: KyleTheGoose / Instagram]

Inseparable Since Then

Mike and Kyle live on Lake Oswego, Oregon. Every day, they go out for a boat ride when Mike will just drive his boat around while Kyle flies around. You might be wondering: is it possible for the bird not to fly around?

Apparently, she doesn’t. Even if Mike tries to set Kyle free, she still has no plans to leave his side. The ten-pound Canadian goose follows the man everywhere he is — even if it’s walking downtown.

I’ve tried to get rid of her, you know. I’ve driven her miles away and then left her in the middle of nowhere and when I come back she’s already home before me, so there’s not a lot we can do.

[Image Credit: KyleTheGoose / Instagram]
[Image Credit: KyleTheGoose / Instagram]

Over Protective

According to Mike, Kyle is also defensive when he brings women around.

When girls come around and she senses they’re a threat, she lets them know. She’s smart enough to know actually who the threats are and who they aren’t.

[Image Credit: KyleTheGoose / Instagram]
[Image Credit: KyleTheGoose / Instagram]
For sure, for Mike, a bird is a man’s best friend.

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