Modern Style Residential Two Story House Plan With Three Bedrooms

When it comes to choosing your future home, what are the qualifications that you have in mind? Do you choose a smaller, within your budget house or you go all out and build a two story house instead?

If you have more budget to use for your dream home, choosing a double story house is a better option. Not only because it has more rooms for use of your family, it also utilizes your lot space even more.

You will surely like this two story house for today.

By just looking at the exterior of this house, you will easily know that it has enough space for a big family. In this 72 square meter residential house, you will find three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a porch, a living room, and a family hall.

The exterior is painted in white, with brick accent walls. The floor is elevated from the ground, making it safe during flooding. The roof is also made of galvanized steel material with a tile effect.

On the ground floor of this two story house is the service space. You’ll find the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen on this area. There is also a common bathroom in the first floor as well as a service area at the back which can be used as a dirty kitchen or a laundry area.

The stairs which will lead you to the bedrooms on the second floor can also be a space saver. You can use it as a storage room. Try and build hidden cabinets using the staircase then convert its bottom part as a pantry area.

The second floor is where all the bedrooms can be found.

There are two smaller bedrooms and a spacious Master’s Bedroom. Other than the common toilet and bath, the second floor of this two story house also comes with a family hall that you can use as a secondary living room as well as access to the terrace.

Look at how luxurious this two story house is by checking the floor plan below:

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Thank you to T2 Gudz Vlog for today’s house plan.

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