Mother In China Takes Care Of Her Son In A Coma For 12 Years!

Mother in China
A Mother in China showed her undying love and dedication to her son in a coma.

How far will your parent do something for you? For a Mother in China, she sacrificed 12 years of her life to take care of her son in coma.

Whenever we are feeling down, excited or happy, the people who celebrate with us are our parents. Our fathers and mothers are always there to celebrate the happiest moments with our lives: They cry when we are suffering, they cheer when we are trying to achieve something, and they are delighted when we win.

A mother from China showed her undying devotion and love for her son. After suffering from a car accident in Shouguang, Shandong Province, East China, a man named Wang Shubao was left a quadriplegic.

The accident left him in a coma for 12 long years.

The Sacrifice of The Mother In China

To help with his medical expenses, the mother, Wei Mingying, used all her life savings. She also took a loan of 120,000 yuan. There was even a point when she was so poor that she didn’t eat for an entire month, just to provide for her son’s hospital bills.

The dedicated mother just drinks water to supplement for the food she’s not eating. Because of it, she lost 20 kilograms over the years and now weighs 30 kilograms.

Wei often starts her day at 5AM: She would wash her son’s face, bathe him, feed him, take care of his toilet needs, massage and reposition his body to prevent any bedsores — yet she never complained.

Miracles Do Happen

All of Wei’s prayers were answered when one day, she saw her son smiling at her, a sign that he finally regained consciousness.

I am just overjoyed. I hope he will make a full recovery. I will never give up on him. I hope he can call me mum again one day.

Because of her loving story, a lot of netizens were touched and left in awe. Many users praised the loving mother for her undying dedication to her son.

Do you also believe that the person who will love you unconditionally is your mother?

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