Mugshot of a California Gang Member Goes Viral

Her mugshot clearly shows how beautiful she is. [Image Credit: KSBW/Facebook]
  • Another mug shot went viral after the Fresno Police Department posted it on their Facebook page.

  • Mirella Ponce, the woman in the picture, was admired by people because of her good looks.

  • Jeremy Meeks, known as the hot felon in 2014, is now trying to get in touch with her and introduce her to the modeling world.

Can you still remember the mug shot Jeremy Meeks who took the internet and the hearts of the ladies by storm with his cold stares? It looks like the internet has stumbled upon his counterpart!

Jeremy Meeks proved that being viral will take you somewhere. [Image Credit: Jeremy Meeks/Facebook]

Another Hot Felon

Meek’s photo surfaced the internet last 2014 after he got arrested for carrying firearms during a gang sweep. The very same thing happened to the hot felon, Mirella Ponce. The police arrested her during a traffic stop last Monday in Fresno. She possessed a loaded gun.

According to the police, she is a member of the Tiny Rascal Gang and was booked into Fresno County Jail. The Fresno Police Department also reported that Ponce was with her infant child at the time of her arrest.

The 20-year old woman faces charges of carrying a concealed gun, carrying a stolen firearm, and absolute smoke show. Her bail was also set to $50,000.

The pieces of evidence found by the Fresno Police. [Image Credit: Fresno Police/Facebook]
To show the report, the police decided to post the information via Facebook regarding her arrest last Monday, together with the photos of Ponce and the firearm she was caught in possession of.

They did not expect that the post will go viral. Before the post was taken down (due to security purposes), it already received 5,000 shares, and 2,000 comments were people were discussing and praising how good Ponce looks like.

Another user even commented:

The only crime she committed was stealing my heart.

Arrest Turned Model Casting?

If things turn out great for Ponce, she might receive the same luck that came to Meeks. Meeks has already launched a very successful modeling career, established his own fortune, and is currently in a happy relationship with Chloe Green, the daughter of British retail billionaire businessman behind famous brands such as Topshop, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins, and Outfit, Sir Philip Green.

Meeks is now a successful commercial and ramp model. [Image Credit: Jeremy Meeks/Facebook]
According to Hollywood Life, Meeks is even looking to introduce Ponce in the modeling world. He showed the pic of the woman to his own manager who also agreed that she shows real potential. Now, he is trying to find Ponce, and give back and show some gratitude for the good life he received.

Another incident leading to a whole new transformation! Do you think she will get the same luck and fortune that Jeremy Meeks received? We can’t wait!


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