Nadine Lustre and Ivan Dorschner Reacted to the Allegations Made by Blogger Dee Alfonso

Ivan Dorschner allegedly throw shades at Nadine Lustre. [Image Credit: @ivandorschner/Instagram and @nadine/Instagram]
  • Kapuso actor Ivan Dorschner received negative reactions from Netizens after a blogger accused him of dissing Pinoy Big Brother and Nadine Lustre.
  • According to the blogger, Dorschner called the reality show and Lustre “fake.”
  • Nadine Lustre reacted about the issue on her Instagram account.

Is it true that Kapuso actor Ivan Dorschner said something bad about Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre?

[Image Credit: @nadine/Instagram]

This is the allegations left by a blogger named Dee Alfonso on her Instagram which went viral on Social Media. According to Dee’s profile, she tagged herself as an influencer and fashion contributor.

The Kapuso actor received heavy judgments and criticisms in social media regarding the issue wherein he allegedly stated that the Kapamilya’s popular reality show “Pinoy Big Brother” is fake, same with the popular Kapamilya actress.

[Image Credit: @isabella_marienella/Instagram]

Who is Ivan Dorschner?

Dorschner started his career in the entertainment industry as a housemate in the “Pinoy Big Brother’s” Teen Class Edition last 2010. After that, he decided to move to the rival network, GMA.

[Image Credit: @ivandorschner/Instagram]

The Allegation

Dee revealed that Dorschner said that the reality show where he came from and got discovered, was scripted and that his friend, James Reed, is controlled by his girlfriend Nadine Lustre. The blogger also stated that according to Dorschner, Lustre is a manipulative girlfriend. According to Dee, Dorschner said that showbiz is “bullsh*it” and Nadine is a “controlling b*itch of a girlfriend.”

In an Instagram account under the username @isabella_marienella, a message directing to Dorschner stated:

Hi [Ivan Dorschner], what’s there not to believe? That you are talking sh*t behind Nadine’s back? And what do you mean by “the devil is in the details”, so are you saying that JaDine is fake? And that @pbbabscbntv is scripted? And Nadine is a manipulative controlling b*tch of a girlfriend? You better talk to @inthedeetales because it seems she’s very sure of what you story to her. You are a friend who is not be trusted to.

This post received several negative reactions from netizens.

[Image Credit: @isabella_marienella/Instagram]

Nadine’s Answer

Just yesterday, November 6, Nadine posted some cryptic Instagram Story. Her posts clearly state that she is referring to someone else.

[Image Credit: @nadine/Instagram]

She also used the hashtag “#inDeenial” which is believed to be her answer to the allegations made by Dee.

Two hours after her Instagram Story, Dorschner also posted an Instagram Story which is connected to the posts of Dee.

[Image Credit: @ivandorschner/Instagram]

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