Netizen Bought a Broken Item From a Scammer; Scammer Escaped But His Wife Returned His Money Back!

After a scammer got his money and old phone, Calpatura got his items back from the scammer’s wife. [Image Credit: Carl Vaniel Zamora Calpatura/Facebook]

You can buy shirts, appliance, foods, and groceries easily online. One of the most popular things you can buy online is gadgets. Second-hand gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and cameras are priced extremely low by sellers.

However, purchasing online has a lot of risks, too. There are some sellers selling broken items while there are others who will take away your money too.

Unfortunate Incident

That is exactly what Carl Vaniel Zamora Calpatura experienced. He met an online seller of second-hand gadgets and thinking that doing so will save him a lot of money, he bought one.

However, the item turned out to be broken. The seller was a scammer, and he was blocked immediately after making the purchase.

One of Calpatura’s friends found out that the seller, identified as Celestino Cantura Llamado, owns multiple Facebook accounts that he uses to scam other people. Luckily, they were able to book a meet up with him to buy another item.

Escaped Easily

Calpatura, together with his two other friends, confronted Llamado, telling him that they know a lot of things about him, which includes the Facebook account of his wife. To get away with them, Llamado said he would just give him his tab, but they refused.

He asked the three friends that he will just go to the nearest ATM to withdraw money. While riding his bike, Llamado went to the ATM while Calpatura and his friends follow. Although they were able to follow him at first since he drove slowly, when the tricycles blocked their way, he immediately speed up and went away. Unfortunately, Calpatura and his friends were not able to follow him.

Wife to the Rescue

When his story went viral, Llamado’s wife contacted Calpatura to settle everything. He was able to get his items and money back.

According to Calpatura’s story, the wife was not able to control herself and cried infant of them. She also said that his husband is trying to change already.

What will you feel if someone does this to you or someone you know? It’s saddening to know that others use other people’s money to feed their family.


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