No Help From MERALCO: After Hundreds of Phone Calls, Call Center Did Not Notify Their Linemen

'May liwanag ang buhay' is the company's famous slogan. [Image Credit: Meralco/Facebook]
'May liwanag ang buhay' is the company's famous slogan. [Image Credit: Meralco/Facebook]

In our day to day lives, having electricity is important. Without electricity, you cannot charge your phone, turn on your computer, and even use your internet connection and your WiFi.

However, there are some unforeseen circumstances such as storms, floods, and faulty cables resulting in blackouts or sudden loss of electricity which cannot be handled immediately by MERALCO.

[Image Credit: Meralco/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Meralco/Facebook]

Unfortunate Situation

Blackouts cannot be avoided. Every now and then, we experience loss of power. But if the situation already calls for immediate action, especially if that action should be coming from MERALCO themselves, we cannot help but get angry or frustrated about the situation.

And that exactly what happened to an entrepreneur and Koi Enthusiast named Redford Lacanilao.

According to his Facebook post, he heard an explosion inside his house and he saw electrical wires sparkling like firecrackers so he immediately called the MERALCO hotline to report the incident and ask for assistance. He was assured by the person on the other line that someone will attend to him within 2 to 4 hours.

Since he is maintaining 3 ponds at home, having electricity is important. Over the span of 4 hours, he already made 20 follow-ups so he will be given special attention and consideration. Some of his calls were dropped by the Customer Service Representative when he started to demand.

Since his fishes started to grasp for air and a lot of them were already dead he started to call the call center every 5 hours and ask for help.

SIR/MADAM 6-7 HOURS NA AKONG NAGHIHINTAY MGA 100 na FOLLOW UPs na nagawa ko sa inyo hanggang ngayon wala pa rin.. NAG-AALAGA AKO NG MGA ISDA 7 ORAS NA SILANG WALANG OXYGEN ANG DAMI NANG NAMAMATAY, puwede bang kausapin ko na yung talagang pupunta dito dahil pag wala pa kayong ginawa lahat ng isda ko dito mamamatay

Who’s Fault?

However, the person on the other line said that there is no one to assist him, even if it’s already 7 hours from the first time he called the hotline.

At around 6:15 AM the next day, linemen from MERALCO arrived at his place to help. When he asked the head lineman what took them so long to assist him, the head lineman revealed that they have informed about the incident at around 5:45 AM, 30 minutes before they arrived at his house.

Sir, sa totoo lang yung request nyo po e nirelay ng call center sa amin around 545AM.. nasa call center po ang problema.. kami po yung nakatoka sa area nyo kagabi wala naman pong tawag sa amin.. nakastandby nga lang po kami at wala kaming ginagawa pero yung request po 545AM lang dumating.

[Image Credit: Redford Lacanilao/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Redford Lacanilao/Facebook]

Although his electricity was already fixed, Lacanilao questioned the reliability of MERALCO’s call center.

What do you think about this? Have you experienced the same situation?


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