OFW’s paintings shock the social media and go viral

“Never judge a book by its cover,” this is a famous metaphorical phrase that is interpreted as no one should prejudge the worth of any person or anything by its outward appearance alone because nobody knows what value lies beneath.

This old but popular English idiom inspires one overseas Filipino worker (OFW), in the person of Roselyn Laude Tangarorang, an OFW in Saudi Arabia whose awesome paintings have gone viral these days. Tangarorang only wants to show that it does not matter if she or anyone is a domestic helper or does a very lowly job.  Your kind of work and your kind of life do not stop you from doing what you love and sharing your talents to others to inspire them.

She started drawing using only a pencil and a paper whenever she has a vacant time from work.  She is grateful to the artists who have trained her how to paint and by trying to sketch out her concepts, she has produced many beautiful paintings and drawings, which have become viral by sharing to social media especially on Facebook.

She admits that it is not really easy to work in a foreign land and she feels homesick and lonely at times especially when she thinks of her family back home in the Philippines.  To cheer herself up, she thought of drawing and painting.  She learned some new techniques in enhancing her skill from different artists she knew from Facebook.

On Facebook post, she had shown some of the beautiful paintings and drawings she did during her vacant time.  She has also sketched some of her friends’ faces who requested her to do a pencil drawing.

Source: Kami

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