Modern One Storey House With Three Bedrooms

Compact and functional best describe this one storey house model. It is simple yet modern looking, giving an appeal to the occupants who put a high value on comfortable and spacious sleeping and living rooms rather than spending.

The simple rectangular plan consist of three bedrooms and two toilet and baths, including a bathroom located in between the bedrooms. There is also laundry area at the back and a covered car port.

The elevated feature of the house ensures that the occupants will be safe from flooding specially if your lot is situated on low lying areas. With 3 steps from the natural grade line or approximately 0.50 meters from the ground, this will ensure that the furniture inside the house will not be soaked in water in time of flood.

The color scheme of this house is a combination of light with dark color paint accents. The lower lining of the house which from the ground to the floor is painted with cream, with bricked accent walls, including the columns on the lanai and service area at the back.


From the main entrance of the house is the living room, dining hall, and kitchen. These three areas are combined to help maximize the space, without giving the space a too crowded feel to it as walled rooms will do.

Here’s a pro tip: To separate the kitchen from the dining room, place an island or a mini bar in between. You can also place both like this one storey house plan where we utilized an island by attaching a dishwashing area and tall chairs.

This one storey house plan also has a well-designed kitchen with a simple straight counter that provides adequate working space and is easily accessible from the bedrooms. There’s also a laundry room next to the kitchen plus an access to a door leading to the service area at the back.

There are three bedrooms in this one storey house: A Master’s Bedroom with an ensuite bathroom in front of the house and two other bedrooms for the other members of the family.

Check out the floor plan of this house here:

Overall, this one storey house has:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 toilet and baths
  • Living room
  • Dining hall
  • Kitchen (with mini bar)
  • Laundry area
  • Service area at the back


Do you like our one story house plan for today? If you are looking for a design with a much bigger space and more rooms, make sure to check out our other house plans.

We would like to thank Samphoas for this plan.


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