Phone Cases Allegedly Contain Harmful Substances

The Shenzhen Consumer Council released a report about phone cases. [Image Credit: Shenzhen Consumer Council]

Are you fond of using your mobile phone? Do you always change your phone every time a manufacturer releases a new one?

Other than purchasing different smartphones from time to time, we are also fond of jazzing up and accessorizing our phones. We use different embellishments such as screen protectors with designs, tempered glass, keychains, and cases. But don’t you know that there are some cases that can cause harm to your health?

A study shows that different smartphone brands such as Xiaomi, Apple, and other popular phone cases allegedly contain harmful substances.

[Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce / flickr]
[Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce / flickr]

Phone Covers Contain Harmful Substances

Recently, the Shenzhen Consumer Council revealed that more than 30 popular mobile phone covers created by 28 smartphone giants which include Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi allegedly contain toxic substances that are harmful to humans.

The Shenzhen Consumer Council led the investigation together with the Shenzhen Institute of Consumption Quality.

[Image Credit: Alibaba]
[Image Credit: Alibaba]

Five Out of 28 Brands

Upon further studies, at least five out of 28 brands contain harmful substances that have exceeded the limit and could harm the health of the user. 23 of these phone covers meet the standards.

According to the testers, the unsafe phone covers were allegedly created by popular brands such as Apple and Xiaomi. These phone covers can be ordered from their official websites.

In the case of iPhone covers, they contain 47 times higher than the normal level of PAH which could pose harm to your liver, stomach, and bladder. It can also lead to skin cancer.

Xiaomi’s Response

Meanwhile, Xiaomi cases allegedly contain a massive amount of plasticisers that could decrease your fertility and also lead to reproduction defects.

Last April 13, Xiaomi defended the company and released their statement. According to them, SICQ uses EN 1437, a European standard focused on child care. Apple, on the other hand, is yet to release a statement.

[Image Credit: Shenzhen Consumer Council]
[Image Credit: Shenzhen Consumer Council]
What can you say about this? Do you think smartphones can affect your health?

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