Pinay nurse wins ₱167 million in a raffle draw in Abu Dhabi

You don’t chase luck for it is luck that chases you.  This saying was proven true in the life of a Filipina nurse living in Abu Dhabi who won ₱167 million in a raffle draw recently.

The lucky Pinay who is a new millionaire was identified as Anabelle Manalastas, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) working as a nurse for eight years in Abu Dhabi.  When the Big Ticket team called her to inform her of her prize, which was streamed live on social media, she was already celebrating with her friends.  She said that she bought the ticket along with a couple of friends.

Abu Dhabi-based Filipina nurse Anabelle Manalastas. (Photo from Facebook.)

Manalastas was very happy for her prize which she shared with her friends and family.  Everyone who wishes to become a millionaire would dream of winning a jackpot in a lottery or in a raffle draw such as the one which Manalastas bet for.

There were consolation prizes that were won by other bettors. The consolation money prizes were Dh50k, Dh70k, Dh80k, Dh90k, Dh100k, which were won by Indians, while one winner who hailed from Sri Lanka had won Dh60,000.

Other consolation prizes winners were chosen at random from the attendees of the event in Abu Dhabi for smaller prizes including flight tickets, mobile phones etc.

To OFWs living or working in Abu Dhabi, there is one big raffle draw coming up to be held on January 3. Be sure to buy your tickets for you can be the next lucky winner of the next Big Ticket draw with the biggest grand prize ever at Dh20 million – one of the biggest in the region. Big Ticket is the largest and longest-running monthly raffle draw for cash prizes and dream luxury cars in Abu Dhabi. These tickets can be purchased online or at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain Duty Free and City Terminal Abu Dhabi.

A live draw is orchestrated at the arrival entrance of the airport. Tickets are priced at Dh500, and if you buy two tickets one ticket is given for free under buy-two-get-one free scheme. This is a good chance for everyone to become a millionaire. Grab your ticket and share with us your story if you win.


Source: The Most Popular List


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