Police Officer Immediately Help Two Citizens — And Received A Heartwarming Gift In Return!

Police Officer
The kind police officer lent a helping hand without expecting anything in return. [Image Credit: Rosario Pulis / Facebook]

The police force serves a very important role in our country. They are maintaining the peace and order in our surrounding. Not only that, police officers risk their lives to protect the citizens. They are one of the country’s first line of defense. They face crimes. Some of them are also working as undercover to unveil the different crimes happening in the country.

Working as a police officer is not always dangerous. It is also rewarding. Other than the material benefits such as bonuses, compensation, and a generous pension upon retiring, policemen are also getting praises from the general public. Plus, this job is secured since you are working for the government of the Philippines.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
However, we cannot help it: Some people have a different mindset when it comes to them. While some people think that they are saving lives, a lot of us are thinking the worst. Some believe that a lot of cops are doing illegal activities and there are others who are connecting their names to different crimes.

But that is not always the case.

A police officer from Dagupan City showed that he is ready to go beyond his duty just to provide assistance to those in need.

[Image Credit: Rosario Pulis / Facebook]

More Than Just A Job As a Police

A 53-year old resident of Bunuan Guiset, Dagupan City, Raymundo Menses, together with his grandson named Ryan De Vera, went to a police station to ask for help. The family was among the residents who got affected after the typhoon flooded their place.

Instead of directing the two helpless citizens, PO3 Rommel R Dulay, PCR PNCO decided to take the matters into his own hands.

[Image Credit: Rosario Pulis / Facebook]
After learning what happened to the family, he did not hesitate to give financial assistance.

Grateful for his golden heart, the Raymundo and Ryan gave a grand presentation to the police officer: They sang for him!

It may not be the best rendition of the song but they showed sincerity while singing the song.

[Image Credit: Rosario Pulis / Facebook]

Proud Of The Three

After seeing the video, a lot of people praised not only the police officers but also Raymundo and Ryan.

Some were touched that the police officer did not hesitate to lend his helping hand.

Watch the video here and be inspired:

This made our day! Did you feel happy while watching it too?

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