Raffy Tulfo asks a teacher to quit her job for disciplining her student

Raffy Tulfo is one of the most talked about journalists today in the Philippines.  This is because of his TV program “RAffy Tulfo in Action” which is also aired on his Youtube channel.  This public service program has made him very famous.

His videos gain a lot of positive comments and million views.  Many people go to him to ask for his help and because of this he is being idolized. However, there is one video lately that has made the netizens angry and criticized him for being unfair over his decision.

Salve Banez and Rosemil Edroso went to him to report about a teacher, Melita Limjuco, 55 years old, who according to them had embarrassed Edroso’s son for not “bringing his card” to school.


A video footage captured a the school’s CCTV camera showed Limjuco carrying the student’s chair outside and directing him to sit there.  The student sat outside till Limjuco’s class finished.

Tulfo called Limjuco to hear her side.  She admitted she did let the student sat outside but she said she did not have any intention of hurting nor embarrassing him.  She only did that to discipline the student. She said sorry to the student’s grandmother and his mother but they did not accept her apology.

Banez and Edroso want Limjuco to resign and her license be revoked.  Tulfo, siding with the complainants stressed that Limjuco really meant to embarrass the student and even said that she had to resign and had her license willingly revoked or the parents of the child will file charges against her and she will be imprisoned for child abuse.

This decision of Tulfo had made many netizens disliked his video and even said they will unsubscribe from his Youtube channel.

Tulfo, afraid of losing his subscribers, changed his mind and aired on this episode that he is going to ask the parents of the student and Limjuco to have an amicable settlement.

While it is true that the teacher has done a big mistake for embarrassing the student, she also has rights and she should not just be asked to resign just like that.  There is a due process of law.  You can not just remove a teacher from her work.  This teacher, just like anybody else, is human, too, who errs.  She has a family to feed, as well.  Will you be happy if you are the reason of someone’s unemployment? What is that? Schadenfreude?

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