Louis Vuitton store rejects Regine Velasquez

Are you a fan of the French brand Louis Vuitton? How many pieces of their items have you bought lately and still dreaming to buy? Did you buy from their physical stores or online? What was your experience buying from it?

The famous songbird, Regine Velasquez Alcasid, has revealed her debilitating experience from an attempt to enter a Louis Vuitton store in New York recently.  She recalled she was not allowed to enter by the Louis Vuitton’s representative! She revealed this experience in one of her Youtube vlogs which was premiered on October 1 and is still trending with almost 2 million views!

She disclosed the same experience in an interview with Boy Abunda when she guested in “Tonight with Boy Abunda” with Sharon Cuneta.

She recalled, “So, pagdating ko doon… sa pintuan pa lang, hindi na ako pinapasok. ‘Sabi niya, No, I don’t think we have your size. At saka nakaharang siya talaga doon.” (So, I went there and I was not allowed to enter.  She (the sales representative) said No, I don’t think we have your size. She was there blocking me.)

After sharing her experience through her vlog, French fashion house Louis Vuitton has reached out to Regine Velasquez and sent her flowers “in response to her revelation about the shopping incident,” according to this report from ABS-CBN.

It was not mentioned in the interview whether the gift from Louis Vuitton included a message of apology to Velasquez.

Sharon Cuneta who guested with Regine also shared her bad experience when she entered a Hong Kong boutique of Cartier.

Sharon recalled, “My outfit was very simple, shirt lang and jeans. I said (to the sales representative), ‘Excuse me.’ Then she replied ‘I’m not finished yet!’ I was so angry, there was another sales rep who was very nice, and I ended up buying things I didn’t really need because I was so angry.”

Abunda was emphatic with the two stars and said it’s “inhuman” when you discriminate people because of their race or how they look. It is indeed very depressing when people judge you and don’t prioritize you because of their concept of you as unable to buy an expensive stuff or unable to do a thing because of your race and physical appearance.

Buying an expensive stuff does not really define or speak about what your status in life or race is.  If you want a Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, Hermes, Chanel, or any other so-called luxury stuff, you can save for it and buy it as a gift to yourself for working hard and for achieving a goal.  You may not buy as many as what the rich can buy but it does not mean that you can not buy at all. What other races don’t know is that there are Filipinos who are filthy rich but are not showy of their wealth because they choose to be discreet (Ibay, 2019).

Source: ABS-CBN

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