Remains of OFW who died in Abu Dhabi arrives at NAIA

One of the most painful experiences anyone would feel is to see a loved one pass away especially if you never had the chance to have bonding with them because they are far away.  In the case of one overseas Filipino worker (OFW), Mary Jean Balag-ey Alberto, who died  in Abu Dhabi last October 2, her family is filled with grief welcoming her remains at Ninoy Aquino International Aiport (NAIA), on Wednesday morning, October 30.

Her son Rojan who is in pain and extreme sadness upon seeing his mother in casket, refused to leave her.  He was embracing her mother’s casket and wallowing in grief. The Facebook page, Justice for Jean Alberto, shared the photos of the arrival of Alberto’s casket and her family who went to welcome her.

It is to be recalled that Mary Jean Alberto was reported to have fallen from the building she was residing with her employers.  The fall had caused her death.  However, her family does not believe that she just fell accidentally.  They suspected that there must be a foul play in her death.

This post from OFW Newsbeat reported that Alberto’s relative and family said that before her death, Alberto was texting her sister who is also an OFW saying that she was being maltreated by her employers.

Alberto’s family and relatives do not believe that she jumped from the 13th floor of the building where she was working.  They said they were not accusing anyone but they believe there must have been a foul play in her death.

The Department of Foreign Affairs assured to assist the family of Alberto and said will conduct further investigation to find out what really happened to her.

Alberto’s family reiterated that they are not convinced of Mary Jean Alberto’s committing of suicide. Alberto had been complaining of maltreatment from her employer and even requested for a rescue as disclosed by her sister whom Alberto was constantly texting about her condition.

Flordeliza Balag-ey, the blind and ailing mother of Mary Jean, is lamenting over the the tragedy that happened to her daughter. The whole family is crying for justice.

The Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi vowed that it will extend all possible help to the family of the victim and it assured them that they are closely monitoring the ongoing investigation on the matter.


Source: OFWNewsbeat, TFT

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