Good Investment: Resort-Type Tiny House Plan

As a young adult or a starting family, one of the greatest achievement that you’ll ever have is owning your own home. If you have a limited budget or you still can’t afford paying the high costs of materials, maybe a tiny house plan like this will fit your budget.

This budget house is a resort-style plan which focuses on utility space for the family. Even if it’s small and only has one bedroom, it is simple and beautiful, matching the needs of those looking for a small house.

Looking at the overall exterior of the house, it’s a box-type home complete with reinforced concrete foundation, floor beams, and columns. It uses a metal sheet metal roof, which adds the sophistication of the house. It also has a smooth, plaster finished walls.

Even if this tiny house plan has limited space, it still comes with a garage that can fit one car. Since it is roofed, you can also use this space as a terrace area when not in use.

The floor plan of this tiny house plan is very simple and straightforward: Since it uses a resort-type design, once you enter the main door, the first area you will see is the bedroom. Just a few steps from the bedroom is the toilet and bath and a separate room which can be used as the kitchen.

Since it is a studio type setup, here’s a pro tip:

Use multifunctional furniture. Instead of using a bed, you can get a sofa bed which can be used as a sofa to lounge around in the morning and as a bed to rest your body at night. You can also place some folding table and chairs to use when you are eating or working.

Check out the floor plan of this tiny house plan here:


Overall, even if this house is small, it is a perfect size for a young adult or for people who are choosing to invest in real estate. It’s also a good size for a new couple.

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Thanks to Thai Drawing for this tiny house plan.

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