Season of Giving: Let’s Help and Give a Fellow Filipino a Gift of Life

Filipinos are known to be helpful and resourceful. Even if it means sacrificing our own resources, we always lend a hand to someone who is in need.

Cancer Patient Needing Help

That is what Filipino Netizen Glen Andrei Coquilla Laplana is doing now. He posted a video of a cancer patient asking people from abroad and those who are residing in the Philippines to help a fellow Filipino.

A cancer patient named Angelo is currently bedridden and is suffering from seminoma, a rare case of cancer where a tumor grows from the germ cells, the cells that make sperms. Seminoma is a slow-growing form of testicular cancer that is found in men between their 30’s and 40’s.

Other than asking for financial assistance, Glen is also asking help to get in touch with government agencies who can lend a hand with Angelo’s current situation.

Not Only For the Patient

In the said video, Angelo is already skin and bones, and it is easy to see that he in pain. However, he still tried to talk to viewers and say “salamat po.

Angelo’s family, who is residing in Valenzuela, are just ordinary citizens and cannot sustain the medication and maintenance that he needs. Anything that we can provide to Angelo and his family will be of huge help.

If you are interested in providing any kind of assistance to Angelo and his family, you can contact the following numbers:

0936 550 0892 / 0906 035 5246

1148 Jorenz St., Tañada, Gen T. Deleon, Valenzuela City

Kindly share this message and let everyone know about Angelo’s situation. This is the season of giving and the best form of gift that we can provide is a gift of life. Let us help Angelo see the light at the end of the tunnel and let him live a longer life.


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