Security Guard Who Graduated Cum Laude Passes the Licensure Exam for Teachers

Erwin Valmoria Macua earned phrases from netizens because of his perseverance to finish his studies. [Image Credit: Junjie Mendoza/Cebu Daily News]

Have you heard about the security guard who graduated cum laude from the school he was guarding in Cebu City? His life is bound to change since he was one of the passers of the recent board exams for teachers.

[Image Credit: Junjie Mendoza/Cebu Daily News]
[Image Credit: Junjie Mendoza/Cebu Daily News]

Hard Work Paid Off

Last Monday, November 27, 39-year-old security guard Erwin Valmoria Macua was at his post at the gates of St. Theresa’s College in Cebu City when one of the teachers excitedly informed his name is included in the list of the recently released results.

Just like other exam takers, Macua was anxiously waiting for the results of the licensure exams. When the teacher told him that he passed, he thought she was just joking so he had to ask her several times. When he constantly received the same answer, he finally believed that he actually passed the board exams and he is now a licensed teacher.

[Image Credit: Junjie Mendoza/Cebu Daily News]
[Image Credit: Junjie Mendoza/Cebu Daily News]
During his interview with SunStar Cebu, Macua said:

Pagsure ba? Gibalik-balik gyud nako ug pangutana. Lipay gyud kaayo ko. Naghope unta ko nga ma-topnotcher ko but bisag wala, dili gihapon masukod akong kalipay kay pasar man diay. Init kaayo diri sa carport, pero nakuhaan akong kaguol sa kainit pagkahibaw nako nga pasar

(I asked the teacher if she was sure I passed. I’m very happy right now. I hoped I would be one of the topnotchers but even if I didn’t make it in the top 10, passing the exam was already an achievement. I even stopped worrying about the heat)

Time to Celebrate

Macau received praises from netizens when he first went viral because a lot of people could not help but admire him of his perseverance when he juggled his time between his studies, his job, and raising his family.

The security guard also admitted that he hoped to be included in the topnotcher, but he also felt afraid that he might not pass the exams due to its difficulty. Thankfully, he passed the board exams with flying colors. Macua revealed that he would celebrate this milestone with his wife who prepared a special meal for him.

[Image Credit: Junjie Mendoza/Cebu Daily News]
Hard work really pays off. Congratulations Erwin Valmoria Macua and the other board passers!


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