Shocking Transformation: From a Tomboy to a Beautiful Lady

Her transformation shocked netizens. [Image Credits: Ti Bo/Facebook and Dahlgren Acierto/Facebook]
  • Transformations are normal, especially if it’s the transition from adolescence  to adulthood.

  • Photos of awkward teenagers transforming into good-looking adults can be easily searched on the internet.

  • However, the transformation of Dahlgren Acierto is far different from normal.

Transforming from an awkward teenager to a beautiful lady is already common nowadays. Girls blossoming from their shy, lack of confidence selves to self-aware, self-sufficient, and full of life women of tomorrow.  That is why the “Puberty Done Right” meme is very popular.

Popular actor and model Zack Efron. [Image Credit: Puberty, You’re Doing it Right/Facebook]
Hitmaker and POP royalty Taylor Swift. [Image Credit: Puberty, You’re Doing it Right/Facebook]
However, seeing a member of the LGBTQ transforming to a beautiful lady is like a needle in a haystack. Most members of the group choose to stick with their preferences, and people respect that.

That is not the case for Dahlgren Acierto.

One of her transformation involved posing as a model for Photographers. [Image Credit: Enigmatic Photography PH/Facebook]

From a Stag to a Doe

A video uploaded to a Facebook page under the name “Ti Bo” shocked the netizens. It featured a shocking transformation of Dahlgren Acierto, a lesbian, into a beautiful lady.

Wag na wag kang mambu-bully ng tomboy dahil pag yan naging babae, malabong sagutin ka pa nyan. 😂 Tapusin nyo po hanggang dulo please, haha.

The video received 143,000 likes, 27,800 comments, 103,334 shares, and a whopping 7,000,000 views in just a few days.

The Transformation

The video introduced a tomboy who’s fond of wearing loose shirts, baggy pants, and sporting a very short hair. However, as the video progressed, this person started to dress up more and more like a lady.

From no make-up face, she started putting on make-up. Her poses, from the boyish, boy next door looks, changed into something more delicate and feminine.

From no make-up to full make-up. [Image Credit: Dahlgren Acierto/Facebook]
Because of her shocking transformation, a lot of netizens commented about how beautiful she is and how great her transformation was.

What can you say about this former tomboy’s transformation from a stag to a doe?

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