Small Yet Fully Functional: Bungalow With Two Bedrooms

If you drive around major subdivisions, you will notice that a lot of the new models most contractors are building are either massive two to three storey houses. These houses comes with big garages, spacious landscapes, and even a swimming pool.

Unfortunately, a lot of these big houses are often occupied by a small family, a caretaker or just rented out because the owner wants to keep it as an investment.

Here is another problem: Unless you are strapped in cash, if you choose to pay a big house monthly, think about paying the big mortgage for 10 to 20 years.

This is why a lot of people, especially those who are on a budget, are choosing a small bungalow. With the buying and living costs continuously rising, minimizing your expenses by living in a small yet fully functional house is the way to go.

One of these fully functional homes is this small bungalow.

Don’t be fooled by its appearance! This small bungalow comes with all the areas and rooms that a family needs.

With a total living space of 60 square meters, this house looks bigger than it usually, thanks to the elevated porch in front and the overall color scheme of the house. There are also several glass windows surrounding the whole home.

From the main entry way, the first area that you will find is the combined living room and dining hall.

Unlike other houses, the kitchen is separated from the recreational area. Although it is considered a small home, this bungalow comes with a fully functional l-shaped kitchen, complete with sink, under the counter cabinets, and a space for for a big refrigerator and gas range. There is also another door leading to the service area at the back.

There is also a common toilet and bath in the middle of the house. This toilet and bath has provision for a lavatory and a shower, even for a bathtub.

This small bungalow also comes with two bedrooms: A bigger Master’s Bedroom and a small bedroom. Each of these rooms have enough space to fit a full-size bed, a night table, an entertainment area, and a built-in cabinet.

Check out the floor plan of this bungalow here:

Not because it is small means that you are limited with the areas that you can have with this bungalow.

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Thank you to Modern Home for this impressive bungalow house plan.

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