Student commits suicide for failing grades

This is a very sad and tragic story about a student who committed suicide for not living up to the expectations of the society.  This was the content of the post of a certain Facebook user under the name Jp Arcos that is going viral these days. 

His post contained grief and disappointment over what happened to what is construed to be his brother (“lil bro”), under a Facebook name Jose Desacula who committed suicide by drowning himself.  It was understood from the post that Desacula hanged himself and drowned for failing in one of his subjects.

A suicide note was allegedly written by Desacula and was circulated to his family and friends saying that he could not bear the pressures anymore and that he was again being stupid for doing what he wanted to do – hanging himself to death.

Jose Desacula’s suicide note before he hanged himself to drown.

Jp Arcos, the one who posted about Desacula’s suicide has expressed his disappointment to what had happened to his “lil bro” as he called him. He advised everyone who is undergoing depression and any forms of distress to just cast their problems to the Lord.

Arcos also reminded everyone who may read his post that no one should be pressured to live up to the expectations set by people.  It should not be a big deal if anyone fails and for those who have relatives who are undergoing the same cases, they should be guided well and comforted to avoid any tragedy like what happened to Jose Desacula.

His parting words to his “lil bro” is for their family to pray for his eternal peace and that all his requests that he mentioned in his suicide note will be granted.  Jp Arcos also expressed his and his family’s love to Desacula.

This is a warning to everyone who is undergoing depression.  Parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and everyone who is concerned should be watchful to anybody they know to be suffering from depression.  People who suffer from it need reassurance, comfort, and love so that they may be able to survive whatever situations they are battling.

Source: Facebook

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