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Student Who Uses a Broken Laptop For His Studies Receives a Gift From a Laptop Giant



The student proved that even with a broken laptop you can still do well in school. [Image Credit: Herman Jalani / Twitter]

Did you know that Asia is home to nearly half of the poorest people in the world? It is a sad reality that a lot of people cannot afford to purchase things that they need in life. However, for some people, poverty is not the reason to not succeed in life.

Uses a Broken Laptop

A teenager from Malaysia proved that poverty is not a hindrance to reach your dream. With determination, anything is possible. In a Facebook post, Twitter user Herman Jalani shared on his personal account a photo of his friend, whom he calls “Yeop” who is using a broken laptop in order to finish his requirements in school.

As seen in the photos, the laptop screen was taped to a cardboard box in order to maintain its standing position. An external keyboard was also plugged and connected to the display.

Since the entire framework has fallen off, the student had no choice but to expose the internal components of the computer.


Touch Netizens’ Hearts

A lot of social media users were inspired by the innovative skills of Yeop, reviving a near-dead laptop and his determination to finish his studies, despite their condition. The student gained adoration online and recognition online after showing that poverty is not a hindrance to studying.

In just a short time, it went viral on social media and caught the attention of a technology giant: Acer.

Touched by the perseverance of the student, the Laptop giant made the decision to provide the student with a brand new Acer Nito 5 as a reward for his passion. From his broken laptop, he is now a proud user of a brand new one that he can use for his studies.


Yeop is a living example that with determination and dreams in life, you will be able to succeed.

Did this story inspire you to reach your dreams?



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5 Filipino Brands and the Real Story Behind Their Brand




Brands come and go. With luck or marketing smarts, some brands have luckily stood the test of time.

Today, when we go to the grocery or sari-sari store, we refer to toothpaste as Colgate and coffee as Nescafe. The same goes for some of our most well-loved Filipino brands. We enjoy drinking at parties with Ginebra San Miguel, drizzle our favorite summer merienda, halo-halo, with Alaska evaporated milk, and prepare adobo with Datu Puti vinegar and soy sauce.

We know them by name since we encounter them every day. But do you know where exactly they came from? Here are five Filipino brands and the facts surrounding their origin.

Famous Filipino Brands and Their History

Dati Puti

Datu Puti

[Image Credit: Datu Puti / Facebook]

Contrary to what people believe, Datu Puti is not based on a legendary Filipino Chief.

The Reyes family, the family who founded the famous condiments brand, said that the history of their brand name has nothing to do with a Bornean Datu.

Datu Puti is a mash-up of their mother’s surname which is Datu and the Filipino translation of white, the primary color of the palm vinegar.

National Book Store


[Image Credit: National Bookstore / Facebook]

NBS Founder Nanay Coring first worked for a bookstore which was owned by her brother and sister-in-law. It was located on the ground floor of Panciteria Nacional in Escolta, the place where the name of the popular bookstore allegedly got its name.

However, Nanay Coring revealed during an interview with Philippine Star that the name of the 71-year old retail giant, is from an unlikely source. It was inspired by a brand of a cash register because it sounded like a good name.

Ginebra San Miguel


[Image Credit: Ginebra San Miguel / Facebook]

As the logo says, Ginebra San Miguel’s name came from St. Michael. However, unknown to many people, the iconic painting showing an angel triumphing over the devil has an interesting story behind it.

When he was 25, Filipino painter Fernando Amorsolo was commissioned by the company to create the famous logo. After being impressed by his work, Don Enrique Zobel offered him an opportunity to study at the famous Academia de San Fernando in Madrid, Spain together with a stipend or monthly allowance that he and his family can spend.

The Ginebra San Miguel logo gave way for Fernando Amorsolo to further his education. After his entrance exam’s evaluation, the Academia de San Fernando informed him that he will be accepted by the university: but not as a student! As a professor!

Max’s Restaurant

[Image Credit: Max’s Restaurant / Facebook]

Max’s Restaurant was named after Maximo Gimenez, a Stanford University alumni who befriended American soldiers during the World War II.

Since there was a military camp close to his residence, Maximo welcomed American soldiers and made them his drinking buddies. When they looked for something to eat, Maximo’s niece named Ruby Trota made a chicken recipe that started it all.

This recipe gave way to a full-blown business. The business was first referred to as “Max’s Bar.” It was supposed to be named after Maximo but the soldiers had a hard time pronouncing it so they preferred the shorter version.

Alaska Milk


[Image Credit: Alaska Milk / Facebook]

When it first started its manufacturing in 1972, Alaska was not popular with the iconic boy on its label.

There were several stories surrounding the origin of the cute boy with blonde hair. Some believe that it was inspired by an Alaskan boy while there are others who believe that it was Michael Uytengsu, the son of late AMC Chairman Wilfred Uytengsu.

However, the company clarified that the boy on the label is an artist’s rendition. The boy on the logo is a fictional character.



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Actress Glydel Mercado Shares Her Experience With Buying and Not Receiving an Item She Purchased Online




Nowadays, the most convenient way to buy different things, including groceries, clothes, and other items, is shopping online. There are many online companies which are selling different kinds of products and services: from small items such as rugs, mats, and toiletries to high-end ones such as luxury bags, expensive watches, and jewelry.

Shopping online can help save you from traffic. It also spares you from spending so much energy falling in line while in the cashier.

However, there are a lot of risks to deal with when buying through the internet. You will not be able to meet the seller and there is a possibility that you will not receive the item you purchase. There are even people complaining that there are online companies that are a scam.

[Image Credit: Glydel Mercado / Facebook]

[Image Credit: Glydel Mercado / Facebook]

Glydel Mercado Shares Her Unfortunate Experience

One of those alleged scam victims is veteran actress Glydel Mercado. The actress took her complaints to a social media platform to warn other people against purchasing items from the company which scammed her.

Based on Glydel’s post, the actress allegedly ordered a portable projector from a company under the name of Brainiacs.

This company, according to their website, provides cool science-themed gifts to people who are sick of giving and getting gift cards. Their products are different kinds of projectors that families can use to make a whole cinema in their homes.

According to the actress, she ordered a projector last January 2018 and already paid the products through her credit card. She also allegedly kept on updating them through email and a tracking number was given to her.

But they keep sending an automated answer, and I messaged them again last week and now they’re not answering my messages.

[Image Credit: Glydel Mercado / Facebook]

[Image Credit: Glydel Mercado / Facebook]

Always Check Reviews

Glydel describes the experience a waste of time and money. She also stated that there are other complains from other customers. She asked the public to spread it out so people can be warned.

Upon checking Trust Pilot, there are many customers who left reviews for the company. They are calling the company as thieves and shared the same experience as the actress.


Read the story here:


Always be careful when dealing online. There are many people who are doing everything just to get money from us.



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Avengers: Infinity War Features the Philippines’ Very Own Banaue Rice Terraces





One of the most popular tourist destinations in the country was featured in the hit Hollywood blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War.” This is making many fans excited to see a part of the country in the famous film.

Most of the cinemas all over the country were mobbed by Marvel fans as the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic universe hit the theatres last April 25.

The film, directed by the Russo brothers, discloses the story of several superheroes, along with the Guardians of the Galaxy, fighting Thanos from collecting all the Infinity Stones.


[Image Credit: Marvel Studios]

Confirmed by the Makers of Avengers: Infinity War

In the latest report of CNN Philippines, Walt Disney Philippines revealed that the film earned more than P141.6 million on its opening day, breaking not only one but two records in the Philippine Box Office history: the highest grossing film during its premiere day and the biggest single-day gross box office.

The movie is already well-loved and highly anticipated by many Filipinos but there is another reason why the Avengers: Infinity War is a must watch.

There is a certain scene in the movie where it was filmed in the Philippines.


[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Did the Actor Shoot it in the Philippines?

According to the movie-making company Indochina Productions, who took part in the production of the film, they shot in the Philippines’ Banaue Rice Terraces.

ABS-CBN News also cited that the Philippines’ famous tourist spot can be seen towards the end of the movie when the villain Thanos walks out of a nipa hut in the ridged rice paddies. The scene came out from the comic series “Infinity Gauntlet” where the villain retreats to a farmland.

However, the actor who portrayed Thanos, Josh Brolin, revealed that he did not go to the Philippines to shoot the film. Instead, video footages were taken by Indochina Productions and visual effects were applied.

[Image Credit: Hannaford / flickr]

[Image Credit: Hannaford / flickr]

See the story here:


Have you watched the Avengers: Infinity War too? Are you excited to see the next part?



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